WWE RAW Results: Miz And Cena Team Up, The Shield Vs. Ryback, More

McIntyre tries to fight back, but Bryan lands a couple of well-placed leg kicks. He tries to bind off the ropes, but Slater opens them and Bryan crashes to the outside. Jinder Mahal gets the cheap shot in and sends Bryan back into the ring.

Slater locks in a headlock as Bryan fights back to his feet. They both go for a crossbody, and hit each other. Slater is to his feet first, and tags in McIntyre. He tries to get Bryan out of the corner but he is able to tag Kane in. Kane hits the Sidewalk Slam and then the Flying Lariat. Slater tries to interrupt but gets tossed to the outside.

Kane hits the Chokeslam and tags in Bryan. Bryan hits his diving headbutt for the three count. Bryan does some tag title air guitar, as Kane looks on, not amused.

Next up, Punk, Heyman and his personal doctor from Chicago come out. A video is shown of Ryback's table attack on Punk and then Heyman speaks. He talks about how Punk has held the title for 407 days. Punk talks about all the people he has defeated during his reign, and then talks about all the injuries he has suffered to keep his title.

Then, Punk's doctor puts up some x-rays and says that Punk's knee has large amounts of swelling and torn muscle. Punk says he will fight Ryback next week, but the doctor says that he shouldn't.
Vince McMahon comes out. He says he wonders how Punk would try to get out of his match against Ryback. He says that the WWE doctors will evaluate him to make sure he is cleared to compete. Punk mentions how he isn't involved with The Shield or Brad Maddox.

McMahon says that his investigation is ongoing. Heyman gets angry and calls McMahon out for making Punk compete. McMahon says that if Punk isn't able to fight Ryback next week, that Heyman will take his place.

Next up is Sheamus against Dolph Ziggler. The wrestlers circle each other. Ziggler hits Sheamus with a few punches and backs him into the corner. The ref breaks things up and Sheamus presses the attack.

Ziggler tries to fight back, but Sheamus hits a big back body drop for a two count. Sheamus throws Ziggler over the top rope, but he lands on the apron. Ziggler tries to hit Sheamus through the ropes, but Sheamus ties him up in the ropes for his 10 forearm clubs. After a couple, Big E. Langston pulls Ziggler out.

After a commercial, Ziggler is pressing the attack on Sheamus. He locks in a headlock, but Sheamus escapes and Sheamus hits some shoulder blocks. Ziggler fights back and lands a couple two counts, but Sheamus comes back with a series of punches. Ziggler lands a kick to the knee, and then a dropkick for another two count.

Ziggler locks on another headlock and Sheamus struggles to his feet. Sheamus gets Ziggler to the ropes, and then hits another body drop for a two count.

Sheamus stays in control, and presses the attack for a few minutes. He hits the Battering Ram from the top rope for a near pin fall. Ziggler gets up and tries to hit his jumping DDT, but Sheamus grabs him and lands White Noise.

Sheamus signals for the Brogue Kick, but Langston grabs his foot from the outside. Ziggler tries to hit the Zig Zag off the distraction, but Sheamus tosses him to the outside, where Langston catches him.

Sheamus calls out Langston, but The Shield interrupts and begins attacking Sheamus. Sheamus tries to fight back, but Reigns hits an impressive looking spear. They then hit their Triple Powerbomb on him.

Cut to backstage, and IC Champ Kofi Kingston is worried about Sheamus. Wade Barrett comes up and tells him he should defend the Intercontinental Title against him. Kingston agrees.

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