WWE RAW Results: Miz And Cena Team Up, The Shield Vs. Ryback, More

CM Punk and Paul Heyman are then shown in the locker room. Brad Maddox walks up and says he wants a job. Heyman gets angry and tells him to leave. Punk laughs at Maddox.

Things then go back to the New Years party. Mae Young is in pain, and a doctor is examining her. He tells the party that she can't compete tonight because Mae Young is pregnant. Again.

Eve then comes out to the ring. She says that since Mae Young is having a baby and can't compete, that she should win her match by default.

Kaitlyn then comes out to fight Eve. They meet in the center of the ring, and Kaitlyn unleashes several punches before tossing Eve to the outside. Kaitlyn follows her, and slams Eve against the barrier. They head back in the ring and Kaitlyn presses the attack.

Eve then rolls out of the ring, grabs her belt. Kaitlyn tries to take it from her but Eve takes off up the ramp.

Del Rio and Rodriguez are then shown backstage. Del Rio is talking up Rodriguez, trying to get him ready for his match against the Big Show. Rodriguez says that he is not scared, and will win for honor.

Del Rio then expresses regret for treating Rodriguez badly, and says he will be in his corner for the match. He then gives Rodriguez his scarf and a set of car keys.

Big Show then comes out for their match. Rodriguez, who drives out in one of Del Rio's cars, follows him. Del Rio meets him at the ramp and they walk to the ring together.

Big Show offers his leg to Rodriguez, who grabs it. Show hits a big chop to the back. Show rips off Rodriguez's tux top and lands a chest chop. He then starts choking Rodriguez on the ropes. Show sits Rodriguez up on the top rope. He talks trash to Del Rio and turns back to Rodriguez. He kicks Show in the head and then jumps off the rope, backing Show into the corner.

He nails a running Enziguri on Show. Rodriguez tries to press the attack. Show puts up his leg to stop him, and Rodriguez drives his shoulder into Show's knee. Show lands a big chop to Rodriguez's head and signals for the WMD. Del Rio hops in the ring and attacks Show. He then grabs Rodriguez and they escape out of the ring.

Up next is Wade Barrett VS Kofi Kingston for the Intercontinental Title. Kingston takes control early and lands some big kicks. The two go back and forth, and then Kingston hits a dropkick for a two count.

Barrett gains control and starts picking apart Kingston's arm. Kingston breaks free and goes for Trouble in Paradise, but Barrett dodges.

They tie up in the center and trade hip tosses. They go to the outside.

After a commercial, Barrett is firmly in control of Kingston. He presses the attack, and wraps up Kingston at the ropes. He nails a couple of kicks, but Kingston fights back and knocks Barrett to the outside. Kofi stays on Barrett, and rolls him back into the ring for a two count.

Barrett hits a quick roll up for a near pin fall. Barrett attempts Wasteland, but Kingston reverses into SOS for a near pin fall.

They go back and forth, and Barrett is successful with the Wasteland for a near pin fall. Kingston then nails a quick roll up of his own for a near pin fall.

Kingston goes up top for a crossbody, but Barrett hits the Bull Hammer elbow for the win. Barrett is the new Intercontinental Champion.

Things go back to the party and Mae Young is in labor. A quick recap of last week's Christmas Raw is shown.

Back to the party, and Mae Young gives birth to Hornswoggle dressed up like the New Years Baby.

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