WWE RAW Results: Miz And Cena Team Up, The Shield Vs. Ryback, More

Next up is The Shield VS Ryback. The Shield presses the attack on Ryback as he makes his way down the ramp. He tries to fight back, to no avail. They make it to the ring and The Shield quickly overcomes Ryback.

Sheamus runs out to help Ryback, but before long The Shield is in control of Sheamus as well. Then, Randy Orton runs out and hits an RKO on Dean Ambrose. Roman Reigns pulls him out of the ring and The Shield exits through the crowd.

Next up is Ziggler and AJ's New Years toast. They are shown briefly backstage before things go to the ring. Ziggler talks about how Cena was voted superstar of the year, despite all the matches he lost. He talks about losing to the Rock, getting attacked by Brock Lesnar, getting beat by John Laurinaitis, failing to cash in his Money in the Bank and losing to Ziggler himself at TLC.

Ziggler says that Cena's time is up, and his time is now. He then turns to Big E. Langston and says that Cena is uninvited to their toast, and to stand guard.

AJ and Ziggler then toast each other and make out, and Cena comes down to the ring.

Cena says that Ziggler is right, and that they closed out the year in a great way. He then says than 2013 will be good for them, as AJ had lots of success with all her relationships in 2012.

Cena then shows pictures from a Ziggler/AJ wedding, with Ziggler wearing a dress.

He then shows pictures of Ziggler/AJ babies, alongside pictures of all of AJ's babies (Kane, Bryan, etc.) Cena then lists off Ziggler's past characters, and says that he is full of hustle, loyalty and respect. He then says that they are full of…

And a bunch of brown stuff falls from the ceiling all over Ziggler and AJ. AJ starts screaming as the show ends.

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