On behalf of everyone here on WrestlingINC.com, I want to take this time to wish you all a very Happy New Year! I cannot thank you guys enough for helping make us the largest independently owned pro wrestling site. This past May we celebrated our 15th year online, and it's all thanks to you.

I also want to send a special thanks to all of you who take the time to send us news, house show results, or text us results from TV tapings. It really means a lot to us, and we'd like to thank you again.

We are updating our photos on the site. If you have high-resolution photos that you have taken and own that we can use on the site, please contact us by clicking here. You will receive credit (if desired) if we use your photos on the site. Please let us know how you would like to be credited, and if you would like for us to link to your Twitter or Facebook account.

As we do every year, we have lifted most of the bans for our "Comments" section. Please check out our rules for our "Comments" section by clicking here.

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Thanks again guys, and here's to another 15 years at WrestlingInc.com!

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