Nigel McGuinness On Blading In Wrestling, Why He Never Had A Final ROH Match, His Documentary

Why he never had a last match in ROH: "At the time I had just started back with Ring on Honor doing the commentary at that point, and so any last match in Ring of Honor would have been without any build whatsoever, and I think they kind of felt, and I think they argued rightly so as well, they just didn't want to throw it out there without any build. If I was going to have one last match there they would like to have built it up so it meant something. And also I could understand that. But at the same time I wasn't going to wait around three months to have that final match. And I also felt like the last match I had with Dragon (Bryan Danielson) in Ring of Honor I always felt was going to be my last match in Ring of Honor. Not that I was like I couldn't possibly top that match, I think from an emotional standpoint it was one of our better matches, but we had better matches from, I dunno, a number of stars or reaction, or gauge, or whatever else. Bottom line is I felt as though one last match in Ring of Honor wouldn't have added anything to my career there. I didn't want to be one of those guys that said I was retiring and then didn't retire. And I genuinely feel- and it's something that was kind of sacred to me ever since I started wrestling. Les Thatcher, who trained me in Cincinnati, always instilled a good sense of pride in being a professional wrestler, even though a lot of the world kind of mocks us and we're very stigmatized to a lot of people, who maybe just only ever see a little bit of WWE and think that's all professional wrestling is. I think Les instilled that sense of pride and that sense of art and that sense of going out there and having pride in what you're doing and pride in the way you look, and pride in the matches you're having. And that being the case when I have my last match, I'm not going to have another match because it would take away from that. There are guys now who are better wrestlers than me, who are younger, who deserve that spot on the card. If I wrestle on any show it's just gonna take a spot away from a young guy that deserves that spot more than I do. I'm very happy with my position in Ring of Honor right now, doing commentary and a little bit of matchmaking as well. So I'm okay with it. It just didn't fit with the retirement tour."

For more with Nigel McGuinness, including his trip to Yosemite, watching the footage of his emotional tirade during editing, discussion of some of the DVD extras, possibly knowing how he contracted hepatitis B, talk of WWE and creating new characters versus established marketable characters, who he likes on the current ROH roster, the place for variety in wrestling, his love for magic and using it as a "language," and more, go to and listen to Episode 69: Nigel McGuinness Returns for a Pint.

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