Re-Post: TNA Impact Wrestling Results (With Tons Of Video)

- Hulk Hogan makes his entrance to the Impact Zone and he looks all business. Hogan says he's sorry for missing the show last week but he was caught off-guard when he saw Brooke and Bully kissing. He invites Bully and also Brooke to the ring. Brooke and Bully walk down side by side and get in the ring. Hogan says he's been trying to figure out the real Bully for months. He simply asks Brooke and Bully, "Why?" Bully tells him that he should have come clean about Brooke. Hogan says he's been trying to tell everyone who will listen that Bully is no good and doesn't even belong in the business. Hogan says if it was 20 years ago then this would already be done but now as the GM, he will suspend him and he tells Brooke to get the hell out of his ring too. Bully and Brooke leave in disbelief. Bully asks Brooke what is wrong with her father as they walk up the ramp.

- We see more footage of Joseph Park at OVW. His trainer says he has passion and they can't get rid of him and that he is actually impressed with him. Park talks about the tapes that he's been watching including his brother Abyss. His trainer tells him he has heart and wishes him luck.

Gail Kim & Tara vs. Mickie James & Miss Tessmacher

Kim starts off strong with Tessmacher and Tara provides an assist from the apron. Tara tags in and sends Tessmacher into the ropes and Mickie tags herself in off the back. Things break down on the floor and Kim and Tara are sent head-first into each other. Kim and Tara double team Mickie in the ring behind referee Taryn's back. We go to break.

- Mickie James makes the hot tag to Tessmacher and she turns it up on Tara. Kim hits a cheap shot to Tessmacher from behind and Tara takes control. Tara hits a backbreaker on Tessmacher for 2. More double teaming from the heels. Kim's in now and she drives Tessmacher across her knee for 2. Tessmacher almost makes it to her partner but Kim pulls Mickie off the apron. Tessmacher plants Tara on her face and tags Mickie who pounds away on Kim. Mickie hits a neckbreaker but Tara makes the save. Things break down and Jesse pulls Tara out of the ring but Tessmacher hits a dive onto both of them to the floor. Mickie hits a DDT on Kim in the ring for the win.

Winners by pin: Mickie James & Miss Tessmacher

- Doc is still mad as he sits across Devon and the two main masked guys. He says their masks must remain and they will protect them with their lives. One guy shows a knife as we go to break.

- ODB talks about Aces & 8's in the back. Eric Young is doing rehab and she will be by his side when he returns.

- The cage is setup around the ring as we go to a replay of the Hardy trophy acceptance from earlier.

- Aries and Roode confront Hogan in the back about the Triple Threat match that Hardy made earlier. Hogan says it's an elimination match so they have nothing to worry about. They still don't want the other in the match. Hogan says they must team next week to face Hardy and a partner. They are still irate and Hogan kicks them out of his office.

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