Thanks to reader Nick C. for sending in these results from last night's TNA live event in Philadelphia, PA:

The night began with the 5:30 VIP Meet and Greet where most of the TNA Wrestlers on the card signed autographs and Jimmy Jay pushed TNA merchandise. So Cal Val was the ring announcer and kicked off the show. She also announced that Jeff Hardy will defend the World Title against Austin Aries and Bobby Roode in a Triple Threat Steel Cage Match, which was advertised for the past two months.

(1) TNA Tag Team Champions Chavo Guerrero & Hernandez defeated Robbie E & Robbie T when Chavo hit the frog splash for the win. A lot of the crowd was behind Robbie E during the match, and the other half of the fans were mixed for Chavo and Hernandez.

(2) TNA Knockouts Champion Tara (w/Jesse) defeated Mickie James when Jesse hit Mickie with the KO Title belt off the top rope and Tara scored the pinfall.

- After the match, Jesse got on the mic and talked about how he is a world class athlete and bragged about how he is Mr. Pec-Tacular and that nobody here is as good as he is. He then challenged anyone in the back to come out and face him in a match. Out came Bully Ray to a big pop and ECW Chants! Bully grabbed the mic and said, "It's great to be back home here in Killadelphia!" He made some jokes about how Jesse has to wake up every day to Tara by comparing her face to Andre the Giant's ass. Bully claimed that even though he is suspended from Impact Wrestling, he is still here to fight in Philly.

(3) Bully Ray defeated Jesse (w/ Tara) via DQ when Jesse gave Bully a low blow. Afterwards, Jesse and Tara attacked Bully but Mickie came back out to make the save and planted Tara with a DDT. Jesse then went after Mickie, but Bully bodyslammed Jesse and grabbed his legs and Mickie went to the top rope to give him a "WHAAAAZ UUUPPPP!" and hit him with it. Lots of tables chants by the crowd, so Bully pulled out the table and gave Jesse a spinebuster through a table. Both Bully and Mickie thanked the crowd in Philly and they gave pieces of the table out and autographed it to a kid in the crowd.

- The most controversial referee of all time was introduced, Earl Hebner, who came out to "YOU SCREWED BRET" chants. Earl took off his ref shirt and had a "DAMN RIGHT I DID"! ref shirt and put on the "Hitman" shades mocking Bret. It was also declared that Earl refereed 100,000 matches in his career. This happens at every TNA house show.

- Kazarian came out and cut a good heel promo ripping the Philly fans and telling them they are not good enough to see him wrestle. Then RVD came out to a big pop and lots of ECW Chants!

(4) TNA X Division Champion RVD defeated Kazarian with the Five Star Frog Splash.

- Devon & D.O.C. both made their entrance through the theater crowd. Devon cut a promo and ran down the Philly fans by telling them The Aces & 8' swill take over. Samoa Joe and Kurt Angle came out to big pops to set up the first main event.

(5) Aces & 8's (TNA TV Champion Devon & D.O.C.) defeated Kurt Angle & Samoa Joe when Devon nailed Kurt with the Bullpeen Hammer. Angle was helped to the back and lots of fans were chanting JOE JOE JOE! Samoa Joe waved to the fans as he was standing in the ring.

- Up next was the second main event of the night with Jeff Hardy vs. Austin Aries vs. Bobby Roode in a Triple Threat Steel Cage Match for the World Title. Brief intermission to set up the Cage. James Storm was introduced as the special guest referee for the match.

(6) TNA World Champion Jeff Hardy defeated Austin Aries & Bobby Roode in a triple threat steel cage match when Hardy pinned Aries after he rammed him into the cage and hit the Twist of Fate. Before the match ended, Roode was in Storm's face and then Storm hit him with the Last Call. Lots of pro-Aries fans and some of the fans gave Hardy some heat. Hardy then celebrated and took pics with the fans on the stage in front of the cage for $20.00.

- This was great show for the first live Wrestling event at The Tower Theater. Most of the lower area of the theater was full and the balcony and lounge was blocked off. I got the pic with Hardy and held the Enigma title belt which was very cool, I recommend any fan to get to a live TNA show since they are very fan friendly.

Biggest Pops:
Bully Ray
Jeff Hardy
Austin Aries
Samoa Joe
Kurt Angle

Most Heat:
Jesse & Tara
Devon and D.O.C.
Bobby Roode
Chavo (some heat by the fans)
Robbie E and Robbie T

Nick also passed along this photo of him with Hardy at last night's event:

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