Thanks to reader Todd Twilley @riggler2 for sending in these results from last night's RAW live event from the Leon County Civic Center in Tallahassee, Florida.

The crowd was heavily kids and their parents. Therefore, it was very much the audience reacting to the performers in the way WWE wanted them to react.

The show opened with Brodus Clay (w/ Cameron and Naomi) teaming with Zach Ryder to face Leo Kruger and Jack Swagger. Clay pinned Swagger and then danced with kids in the ring.

Alex Riley pinned JTG. Riley was surprisingly way over with the crowd and took a wicked-looking slingshot bump under the top rope.

RAW Active poll was announced by Vickie Guerrero, who had the most heat of the night. Fans could vote for a No DQ vs. 2/3 Falls for a U.S. Championship Match between Antonia Cesaro and The Miz. Later, No DQ won by 90+ percent.

Divas Champ Eve pinned Kaitlyn. The match was mostly posing, headlocks and armbar (in that order of frequency) and a single body slam. Crowd work was decent. Wrestling didn't really exist in the traditional sense of the word.

Team Hell No and Ryback Vs. The Shield. Daniel Bryan entered first. The The Shield appeared in the audience and entered through the crowd for a beatdown on Bryan. Kane ran into to make the save and got a beatdown, too. Ryback made his entrance and cleaned house before the match started. Ryback was way over. During the match, Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins did a great job working the crowd when not in the ring. Team Hell No and Ryback won via DQ when Reigns nailed Ryback with the edge of a chair in the gut. Dean Ambrose took a beating from Team Hell No and Ryback to end the match. Reigns carried Ambrose out of the ring area via a fireman's carry, which I thought was a nice touch.


Tensai v. Santino. Most of the crowd started off pretty quiet for this match. A small, but loud section of the crowd began chanting Albert at Tensai. When Tensai yelled "Don't call me Albert" the whole crowd really got into the match with Al-Bert chants. It was a comedy bout, but it was a well-down comedy bout. Santino did his usual spots, but Tensai really made the match work well. Most surprisingly entertaining match of the evening.

U.S. Champion Antonio Cesaro v. The Miz. Best pure wrestling performance by both participants in a match all night. Kendo stick, chairs and an exposed turnbuckle were used in the match. Cesaro pinned The Miz. A table was left unused proppoed up in one corner of the ring. Cesaro left the ring only to return to give his finisher to The Miz, but got put through a table for his efforts.

John Cena pinned Dolph Ziggler (w/ A.J. and Big E Langston). Ziggler was the only wrestler of the evening to get mic time as he taunted the kids who were popping big for Cena. An entertaining match with Ziggler being his bump-happy self and Cena being Cena.

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