Kevin Kelly opens the show. This week, Ring Of Honor TV is a special Road Rage edition that is set to recap events from Final Battle 2012.

Roderick Strong vs. Michael Elgin

Veda Scott is interviewing Truth Martini before the match. Martini says that he doesn't know whose corner he will be in for the fight, and that it's the first time in his life he doesn't feel like what he is doing is premeditated.

Things then head to the ring. Elgin takes control early on and whips Strong into the corner. He lands a series of big strikes, and they trade some forearms. Elgin charges Strong, who ducks, and flies to the outside. They go back and forth for a few moments before heading back in the ring.

Elgin lands a belly-to-belly Suplex on Strong over the top rope. He then goes to the apron and hits a flying shoulder knockdown. Martini is now at ringside, and cheers on Elgin as he sends Strong into the barrier. He then hits a Powerslam on Strong. Elgin rolls Strong back into the ring.

Strong mounts a comeback and takes the fight to Elgin. Back from commercial, and Strong is in control. He hits Elgin with a knee to the gut. He goes for a forearm, but Elgin reverses and hits a Death Valley Driver for a near pin fall.

Elgin takes Strong to the corner, but he reverses with an Enziguri and a back breaker for a near pin fall. Strong presses the attack with a few clotheslines. The two go back and forth for a few minutes, and Martini throws the Book of Truth into the ring. Strong grabs it, but Elgin hits him with a Spinning Backfist.

Elgin picks up Strong for a powerbomb, but hits Elgin in the head with the book. Strong picks up the win.

Winner: Roderick Strong

After the match, Martini says that Strong is the remaining member of The House of Truth, but Strong says no and leaves. Martini then tries to get Elgin up and says he doesn't mean what he said about Strong. Elgin attacks Martini, and Martini says that he was the one that made Elgin a star. Martini then slaps Elgin, and Elgin knocks him out of the ring.

American Wolves vs. Kyle O'Reilly and Bobby Fish

Back from commercial, and Kevin Kelly shows a vignette of the build up to American Wolves vs. O'Reilly and Fish.

Things go to the ring, and Mike Mondo comes out on crutches. O'Reilly and Fish taunt him, and say that Edwards won't team with Richards. They then call Mondo handicapped, and start beating him. Richards runs out for the save, but gets beat down too.

Edwards comes down to the ring, and O'Reilly and Fish hold Richards for Edwards to hit. Instead, Edwards attacks O'Reilly and Fish, and then Richards hits an Alarm Clock kick. Edwards and Richards double team O'Reilly and Fish, and then hug in the ring.

The match starts, and O'Reilly is in control of Edwards. Fish comes in and lands a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker, and then O'Reilly lands a knee from the top rope. Fish goes for a pin, but Richards breaks it up.

Edwards tries to fight back, but Fish shoots him down. O'Reilly tags in, and kicks Edwards while Fish lands a forearm on Richards. Edwards then takes a series of kicks from O'Reilly and Fish.

Richards comes in, but O'Reilly and Fish fight him back with a series of kicks. Edwards attacks Fish, and Richards lands a German Suplex on O'Reilly. Fish then charges Richards and hits a Falcon Arrow. Edwards then attacks Fish with a series of kicks. Richards and Edwards then Suplex O'Reilly and Fish to the outside.

They go out and press the attack. Richards and O'Reilly make it back to the ring first, and exchange strikes. Richards comes out on top with an ankle lock, but O'Reilly breaks out.

O'Reilly charges Richards, but he moves and Edwards hits an Enziguri on O'Reilly. Richards takes control, and hits O'Reilly with a tombstone as Edwards kicks him. O'Reilly kicks out of the pin.

O'Reilly hits a Sunset Flip on Edwards, and then hits a spinning DDT on him and kicks Richards at the same time. Fish comes back in, and they double team Richards and Edwards. Fish throws Richards to the outside, and O'Reilly gets a near pin fall on Edwards.

Richards comes back in, and throws Fish to the outside. He exchanges strikes with O'Reilly, and hits him with a clothesline. Edwards locks in an Achilles Lock, and Richards stomps on O'Reilly's head as the ref stops the match.

Winners: American Wolves

After the match, Richards and Edwards are interviewed backstage, and they said they are reuniting as a tag team. They say that they are taking over tag team wrestling.

Matt Hardy vs. Adam Cole

Cole and Hardy shake hands, and tie up in the center. They go back and forth, and Cole slaps Hardy. Cole presses the attack, but Hardy rolls to the outside.

Cole hits a Suicide Dive, and then attacks Hardy with some forearms. Cole bounces Hardy's head off the apron, and then Hardy rolls back into the ring. Hardy rolls back outside, and Cole attacks again. He goes for a German Suplex off the apron, but Hardy hits a Side Effect Slam.

Hardy rolls Cole into the ring for a two count. Hardy takes control and dominates Cole for several moments. He runs Cole's head into the turnbuckle several times, and goes for the Twist of Fate, but Cole reverses into a Figure Four.

Hardy reverses the Figure Four. Back from commercial and Hardy is in control. He hits a couple of Side Effect Slams. He goes for the Twist of Fate again, but Cole backs him into the corner. Cole takes control, but Hardy hits a boot to the face.

They go back and forth, and Hardy attempts the Twist of Fate several more times to no avail. Eventually, they go to the outside and Cole hits the Florida Key onto the floor. He rolls Hardy into the ring for a near pin fall.

Hardy finally hits the Twist of Fate for a near pin fall. Cole presses the attack on Hardy, and goes for another Florida Key. Hardy blocks it and pulls the ref's shirt over his face. Hardy then hits a low blow on Cole and rolls him up in a small package for the three count.

Winner: Matt Hardy

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