Re-Post: WWE RAW Results With Tons Of Video

Punk sets a ladder up and climbs for the title but here comes Ryback. Ryback knocks Punk to the floor and reaches for the title. Punk pushes the ladder over but Ryback lands on his feet. Ryback presses Punk high and drops him on the ladder. Ryback scoops Punk but Punk slides out and kicks him in the head. Punk sets the ladder up but it's twisted metal. He kicks Ryback again and tries to get the ladder to stand up straight. Punk with another high knee but Ryback catches him. Ryback throws Punk over the top rope and through a table. Ryback goes under the ring for another ladder and brings it in the ring.

Ryback climbs for the title but the lights go out. They come back on and he's fighting with Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose at the top of the ladder. He fights them off but Roman Reigns comes from behind. Ryback fights all three of them off and out of the ring. He goes back for the title but they attack him and knock him off. The Shield beat Ryback with chairs and take him outside of the ring. The crowd chants for The Rock. They manhandle Ryback and triple powerbomb him through a table onto steel steps. Punk starts to get up as Heyman talks to him. Ryback also starts to get up but he's hurt. Punk makes it in the ring and tries to crawl up the ladder. Punk pulls himself up the ladder with one arm. Ryback is still laid out on the outside. The crowd boos as Punk climbs up the ladder and laughs. Punk grabs the WWE Title and retains.

Winner: CM Punk

- Punk celebrates as Heyman looks on like a proud father. Ryback is still trying to recover on the outside. Cole plugs The Rock vs. CM Punk for the Royal Rumble. Back to commercial.

- Back from the break and Striker tries to get a word with Punk and Heyman. Punk says before The Rock can come open his mouth tonight, he's going to open his. Punk says he is the most dangerous man with a microphone in his hand. Punk says it's time to drop another pipebomb.

- Kane and Daniel Bryan are backstage. Kane asks how Bryan's knee is doing and Bryan blames their loss on him. They start arguing and Vickie Guerrero walks in. Vickie says next week they will have their follow up evaluations with Dr. Shelby. They argue about whether Dr. Shelby is a monster or a nerd.

- We see a replay of Big Show vs. Ricardo Rodriguez from last week. Big Show vs. Alberto Del Rio is announced for Friday's SmackDown.

- Kofi Kingston vs. Big Show is up next after commercial.

Kofi Kingston vs. Big Show

We come back and the bell rings. They start brawling but Big Show connects with a knockout punch out of nowhere for a quick squash win.

Winner: Big Show

- Cole and Lawler hype Punk vs. Rock. We get a look back at RAW 1000 where CM Punk attacked The Rock. We see The Rock's dressing room before going back to commercial.

- Back from the break and out comes WWE Champion CM Punk with Paul Heyman right behind him. We see how Punk retained his title against Ryback earlier tonight.

Punk wipes a bit of blood on his shirt and faces the camera. He slips the WWE logo off the microphone and says the time has come to tell us something very personal. Punk says he keeps his ear to the ground and hears what everyone says. He says the word pipebomb has been misused. Punk says a pipebomb in its truest form is the truth, honesty. Punk says the fans lack honesty. Punk says he meant everything he said that night except the part about ice cream bars because the fans don't need anymore ice cream. Punk says he could have left but he made a conscious decision and sold out to, to the fans. Punk says to him, he cashed in. Punk says it doesn't matter if you're the best this or the best that in WWE, there is a glass ceiling and nobody is allowed to break it. Punk says that's the simple story of WWE - the more popular you are, the more money you make. Punk says that's why Cena gets title shots. Punk says that's why a serious grappler like Daniel Bryan puts a smile on his face and uses catchphrases. That's why a 400lb. monster named Brodus Clay gets in the ring to shuck and jive. That's why an invisible kid Little Jimmy is more of a fit on RAW than Tyson Kidd. Punk says the fans are falling for what he says right now. Punk says nobody has been able to achieve success without the fans until now, until when he showed up. Punk calls himself the most successful WWE Champion of all-time, not just the modern era. He says that's just a buzzword someone in the back wants to use, probably on a t-shirt. Punk says you don't get noticed until you move a few t-shirts around here. Punk says if he was in Bruno Sammartino's days, he would have been champ for 20 years also. Punk says you never saw Hulk Hogan wrestle TLC matches against guys like Ryback. Punk says their 30 years equal one of his. Punk says he is not successful because of the fans, he is successful in spite of the fans.

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