Re-Post: WWE RAW Results With Tons Of Video

Punk rips the local fans and says he is a bad, bad man. Punk brings up Ric Flair, Edge and Shawn Michaels saying they did it for the fans and miss the fans. Punk says they are dishonest. Punk says he is the best in the world and the fans start chanting for The Rock. Punk says there are two types of people on earth - those born to be in the spotlight and those born to pay to see the people in the spotlight. Punk says he has never done this for any of us. Punk goes on and a crew member gets on the apron, telling Punk it's time for a commercial. Punk says we go to commercial when the champ wants to. Punk says The Rock is going to come out here and talk a whole lot but Punk has the most important thing to say right now - he tells everyone they don't matter and we cut to commercial.

We come back and Punk is still in the ring. He promises us that in one year he will still be WWE Champion. Punk goes on and says he doesn't care if The Rock is back. Punk starts calling the fans losers again and here comes The Rock to a big pop from the Tampa crowd.

The Rock hits the ring and poses in the turnbuckles as Punk looks on. The Rock says he waited until Punk had to say everything he had to say so he would know what kind of man he's facing at the Rumble. Rock says Punk is straight up delusional. Rock says Punk's reign is incredible but the real number isn't 414 days. The number that haunts Punk is 20 - 20 excuses running around Punk's mind, 20 hairs standing up on Punk's straight edge scrotum because in 20 days, Punk has to defend against The Rock. Rock says in 20 days, time is up. The crowd chants for Rock. Rock says Punk wanted a change and a revolution. Rock says Punk didn't reject the people, the people rejected Punk. Rock says Punk couldn't bring change or revolution. Rock says Punk couldn't even provide ice cream and couldn't if he had an ice cream truck drove straight up his ass.

Rock says the fans have voices and they love to use them. They're not voiceless. They use them every night and are going to use them to chant something tonight that will follow Punk for the rest of his life. Rock says the fans are going to chant Cookie Puss and they do. Punk tells the fans to bring it on. He tells them to be the puppets they are. Punk says the fans and Rock still don't get to win. Rock says the fans have already won. They won the moment The Rock woke up at 4am and sent out his early morning tweets, made his famous pancakes, went to the gym and drove through Alligator Alley so he could stand in the middle of the ring and proudly say The Rock has come back to Tampa.

Rock says after 10 long years, he's here to get the WWE Title. Rock says he has watched Punk's lying and backpedaling. Rock says for someone who claims to be straight edge, he runs around here looking like Popeye on crack. The crowd chants cookiepuss again. Rock says Punk became WWE Champion but also became the biggest jerk the world has ever seen. Rock says when he's here, Punk better never say the people don't matter. Rock says the people matter and have always mattered. Rock says Punk doesn't matter. Punk tries to talk but Rock says it doesn't matter if he doesn't matter. Rock says there is no way, and he means no way, that Punk can stop him from becoming WWE Champion at the Rumble. They circle each other and lock eyes now.

Punk says he's glad Rock is back. He doesn't care what his schedule is or how often he works. Punk says he can still kick Rock's ass. Punk says any time Rock decides to come back, he's going to kick his ass. Punk says he is like nobody Rock has ever faced before. Punk gets in Rock's face and says he will kick his ass at the Rumble because he's the best in the world, the best guy Rock has ever stepped in the ring with. Punk says Rock bit off more than he can chew. Punk says he's in the big leagues and swinging for the fence. Punk says Rock's jabs and insults are kiddie games. Punk says Rock's arms are too short to box with God at the Rumble. They staredown for a minute. Rock says Punk is going one on one with The Great One. Rock says he knows how bad and tough Punk is. Rock says last time they were in the ring, Rock caught a GTS and went out cold. Rock says he was hurt and embarrassed. In 20 days, time is up. Until then, Rock wants Punk to go home and look in the mirror, strip naked, not concentrate on his cookiepuss and focus on his backside. Rock tells Punk to find a spot on his body that's not covered with ugly tattoos. Rock wants Punk to get different candy bars tattooed on his right cheek and The Rock's boot on his left cheek as a reminder. Rock stops and drops Punk with a Rock Bottom. The crowd pops and cheers for The Rock as Punk escapes to the floor. The Rock's music hits as he yells at Punk about 20 days and the WWE Title. Punk stands up and smiles. RAW goes off the air with The Rock making a motion for the title around his waist.

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