Welcome to the WrestlingInc.com WWE Main Event Recap.

- Michael Cole welcomes us to the show after the opener and crowd shots. He is joined by Miz at ringside. We go to a Sheamus and Dolph Ziggler video package.

- We go to the back where Matt Striker is standing by with Sheamus. Sheamus says he's not worried about Ziggler cashing-in his briefcase before Sheamus gets his rematch for the world title. He has a Brogue Kick for anyone that Ziggler brings to the ring with him.

- We go to Josh Mathews who stops Ziggler, Big E Langston, and AJ in the back. Langston scares Josh off after he asks about Ziggler about losing to Cena on RAW. He looks back to Ziggler and AJ for approval and they are pleased.

- We go to the ring as Sheamus makes his entrance.

- Back from a break as Ziggler and company make their way to the ring.

Sheamus vs. Dolph Ziggler

Sheamus backs Ziggler up in the corner and he works the left arm of Ziggler as Langston looks on from ringside. Ziggler lands a dropkick and takes it to Sheamus in the corner. Sheamus comes back and slams Ziggler for 2. Ziggler slips to the floor for a breather as we go to break.

Ziggler stomps Sheamus in the corner as we return but he quickly turns things back around. Ziggler takes back over with a neckbreaker and a near-fall. AJ looks-on from ringside. Ziggler does a headstand while holding on to a headlock. Ziggler hits a dropkick for a 2. Sheamus fights back but Ziggler moves in the corner and Sheamus runs into the steel post. Sheamus starts a flurry as Ziggler bumps around for him. Sheamus hits forearms in the ropes and Ziggler falls to the floor. Sheamus comes off the apron with a shoulderblock as we go to another commercial.

They go back and forth in the ring as we return. Sheamus leaps over the top from the apron to deliver a battering ram but Ziggler leaps higher and catches Sheamus with a leg in the back of the neck for 2. Sheamus applies the Texas Cloverleaf and Ziggler reaches the ropes. Ziggler comes off the top with a missile dropkick but is unable to immediately capitalize and gets 2. Ziggler hits an impressive DDT from the top rope and covers Sheamus for another 2. Both men are slow to get up. Sheamus hits the battering ram from up top for 2. Sheamus begins to pound his chest and calls for the end. They duck each other's finishers. Sheamus hits the Brogue Kick from out of nowhere and Ziggler goes flying to the floor. Sheamus goes to bring Ziggler in but has to go back in to beat the ref's count. The ref continues to count to 10 with Ziggler on the floor.

Winner by count out: Sheamus

Langston and Sheamus have a stare-down as Langston gets on the apron and then drops back down and backs up the ramp.

- A RAW Rebound is shown.

- Wade Barrett makes his entrance followed by Zack Ryder.

Wade Barrett vs. Zack Ryder

They lock up and go back and forth. Ryder hits an armdrag but Barrett comes back with a shoulderblock and a big boot to the gut. Barrett slams Ryder for 2. Ryder comes back with a faceplant for 2. Barrett knocks Ryder to the floor as we take a break.

Barrett continues to dominate as we return to action. He kicks Ryder to the floor again. Barrett suplexes Ryder into the ring from the apron and keeps the pressure on. Barrett hits an elbow from up top for a near-fall and goes back to a headlock. Ryder does another faceplant and knees to the face. Ryder hits a missile dropkick from up top but Barrett ducks out of the ring to avoid the Broski Boot. Barrett gets the upper-hand back upon reentering the ring and gets 2. Ryder drop toe-holds Barrett in the corner and delivers the Broski Boot to Barrett's head but Barrett kicks out. Barrett counters the Ruff Ryder with his patented elbow for the win.

Winner by pin: Wade Barrett

Wade Barrett celebrates in the ring as we see a replay.

- Next week, Randy Orton faces Antonio Cesaro as we see that graphic on the screen. Cole and Miz sign-off as we go off the air.

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