NXT Recap: Rollins Defends Against Langston, Paige Puts Her Undefeated Streak On The Line And More

Epico comes in and hits Dallas with a dropkick to the head for a two count. Epico then hits an almost snap Suplex for a two count. Epico then locks in his own side headlock on Dallas.

Primo comes in and hits a leg drop on Dallas for a near pin fall, and then goes to work on Dallas' neck.

Primo tries to dropkick Dallas but instead hits Epico. Michael hits a Lariat on Primo, and presses the attack.

Epico tries to attack Michael, and Primo nails the Back Stabber off the distraction for the win.

Winners: Primo and Epico

Big E. Langston vs. Seth Rollins for the NXT Championship

Rollins circles around Langston. He takes out Langston's knee with a shoulder dive, but Langston drives him into the corner and nails several shoulders to the gut.

Langston picks up Rollins in a military press and throws him to the outside of the ring. Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns run out and start attacking Langston. They whip him into the steel steps.

Back from commercial and Rollins is in control of Langston in the ring. Rollins locks in a head scissors submission. Langston fights to his feet with Rollins' legs still around his neck and hits an Electric Chair.

Langston hits a couple clotheslines and some big knees to the gut and then hits a running clothesline on Rollins, and a double clothesline on Ambrose and Reigns.

He picks Rollins up on his shoulders, but Reigns and Ambrose attack him and break it up. The rest of the NXT locker room run down to the ring and pull Ambrose and Reigns out of the ring.

Rollins hits a Blockbuster on Langston for a very near pin fall. Rollins goes for it again but Langston reverses into the Big Ending for the win.

Winner and New NXT Champion: Big E. Langston

After the match the rest of the NXT locker room come back out to the ring and celebrate with him.

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