Dixie Carter On WWE Copying Their Angles, Impact Remaining Live, X-Divison Being 'Heartbreaking'

As noted earlier, Jeremy Borash recently interviewed TNA President Dixie Carter. In part one of the interview below, Carter discussed plans for TNA in 2013 and was asked if Impact Wrestling would remain live.

"If I have my say, we absolutely will continue to be live," Carter said. "There may be a few incidents where we tape, but I think those will still be very favorable to the viewing situation. But, the answer is yes."

Carter also called the X-Division a "heart-breaking" division due to all of the injuries, but claimed that there will be a greater focus on the division this year.

Carter was also asked about how much of her focus was directed to her competition with WWE.

"Very little, but obviously there's is not focused on ours, because from what I hear on Twitter and social media, there's a lot of things that are happening at our competition that we may have been doing first," Carter noted. "I take that as a great compliment... I do watch some, I don't watch all the time, but I do keep up. I have people that give good feedback and stuff like that. But really, we've been so laser focused on what we're doing, that we're coming up with new and innovative things and innovative ways to watch wrestling, and obviously people are taking note and they think it's pretty good and think that they should do it too. But I'm very proud of that."

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