Re-Post: TNA Impact Results (With Tons Of Video)

Re-Post: TNA Impact Results (With Tons Of Video) Photo: 1 Raiders Fan
- Impact opens with highlights of recent weeks. We go to pyro and crowd shots. Genesis is in 3 days. Sting's music hits and he comes to the ring with his bat and flanked by Kurt Angle and Samoa Joe.

Sting says he's just getting started and he will be looking for Doc at Genesis. He is feeling frisky tonight and he brought some friends with him. Sting invites Aces & 8's to come get some. We get "Joe" chants from the crowd as he cuts a promo on the masked posse. Joe hands the mic to Angle who gets his own pop. Angle says they are going to expose all of Aces & 8's but tonight wants to expose someone else: he invites Mr. Anderson to the ring to come down and explain who's side he's on.

Anderson's music hits and he walks to ringside. Anderson asks where these guys were when Aces & 8's were tap-dancing on his face a few weeks ago. Angle says Anderson is either with them or they are going to fight. Anderson gets into the ring as Sting and Joe go to the corner and Angle and Anderson lock eyes in the middle of the ring. Anderson says he doesn't answer to Angle and he actually never liked him. Angle says the feeling is mutual and clocks Anderson and mounts him for more. Anderson ducks out of the ring and walks up the ramp. Angle yells that this is not over.

- We go to the announcers who discuss things. Bobby Roode and Austin Aries face Jeff Hardy and James Storm tonight. Also, Gut Check is back with 2 contestants competing against each other. We go to a vignette for one of the contestants, Jay Bradley. He says he has watched some of the guys he broke in with become stars and it will be him tonight.

- Brooke Hogan arrives backstage, getting driven around the arena in a golf cart. She tells the interviewer she is on her way to talk to her dad and air things out in public as usual. She gets a call from "Mark" and tells him that she thinks he will listen this time.

- We return as Zema Ion is in the ring and Kenny King enters.

X-Division Tournament: Zema Ion vs. Kenny King

They lock up and King stomps him in the corner. King launches Ion onto the apron and hits him with an Enzuigiri to send him to the floor. King tries a corkscrew but Ion slides into the ring and flies over the top with a summersault plancha onto King. Back in the ring King hits a big spin kick for 2. Quick-paced back and forth. Ion counters King with an inside cradle for 2. Ion goes up top for a 450 but King rolls out of the way and hits the Royal Flush for the win.

Winner by pin: Kenny King

King takes the mic from Christy Hemme at ringside and says the next time she announces him it will be as the X-Division Champion.

- Robbie E, with Robbie T, complains to someone behind a curtain about his bad past few weeks including Jersey Shore getting cancelled. He wants this person to tag with him tonight. It's Miss Tessmacher and she says he disgusts her. She agrees only if she can tag with a winner. She taps Robbie T on the arm and walks away. We go to break.

- An excited Joseph Park narrates the camera as he arrives at the arena to meet with Hulk Hogan. He says he walks in not as an attorney but a wrestler. The door to the arena is locked and he runs into it.

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