Re-Post: TNA Impact Results (With Tons Of Video)

- We go to a video package for and narrated by Aries and also Jeff Hardy.

- Bobby Roode comes to the ring followed by Austin Aries. James Storm makes his entrance followed by Jeff Hardy.

James Storm & Jeff Hardy vs. Austin Aries & Bobby Roode

Roode starts off with Hardy. Roode hits a shoulderblock off the ropes as Mike Tenay plays up Hardy. The quick pace continues as Hardy hits his own shoulderblock and slows things down. Roode tags Aries in and they lock up. Aries takes Hardy down but Hardy backs him into the corner and takes him down with a head-scissors. Roode comes in illegally and Hardy tags Storm for some double teaming. They also double team the legal man, Aries. Roode scolds Aries at ringside and they have a shoving match.

Back to action as Roode and Aries have taken over on Hardy and are working together. Aries fakes the sound of a tag and comes in behind the ref's back. Roode comes back in as they keep the pressure on Hardy. Aries wants Roode to watch what he does as he drops a corkscrew in the corner for 2. Aries drags Hardy's body to Roode and tags him. They continue to make quick tags as they compete against each other at the expense of Hardy. Hardy finally makes the hot tag to Storm who turns it up against both opponents. Storm hits a neckbreaker to Roode; Aries goes to break the cover and Storm sees him and gets up causing Aries to drop the elbow on Roode instead. Daniels & Kazarian come to the ring and pull Storm out and they scuffle on the floor. Hardy hits the Twist of Fate in the ring on Roode but Aries clocks him from behind with the World Title as the bell rings.

Roode and Aries continue to decimate Hardy in the ring. Aries and Roode fight over the title belt and try to pose with it.

- Brooke Hogan talks to Bully on the phone in the back. She tells him it is not a good idea to him to come but he talks her into it and she says she'll see him.

- Joey Ryan cuts a promo in the back with Matt Morgan. They are attacked by Chavo and Hernandez and they have a mini-brawl.

- We go to a rundown of the Genesis card.

- A video is shown of Hardy explaining why he chose to defend his title against two men at the PPV. He says he feels what he is doing is right and he is willing to hurt himself and do whatever it takes.

- We go to the ring for Mr. Anderson's entrance. He comes to the ring and announces himself. Kurt Angle is out next.

Kurt Angle vs. Mr. Anderson

They circle each other and Anderson ducks out of the ring. Angle grabs a mic and asks when he turned into a b*tch. He tells Anderson to get his ugly ass in the ring. Earl Hebner tells Angle to watch his language under his breath. (Mike Knox) gets in the ring with a hammer and beats Angle from behind. Wes Briscoe, Garett Bischoff, and Samoa Joe run down as (Knox) escapes into the arms of his brothers. A stretcher is brought out and Angle is loaded on. Sting's music hits as Angle is being wheeled out and gets in the ring and challenges Knox one-on-one. Sting mentions him by name. Knox gets pumped up at ringside with his gang as we go to break.

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