Re-Post: TNA Impact Results (With Tons Of Video)

- Knox slowly enters the ring with his hammer and Sting unloads on him with his bat. Hebner takes the weapons and the bell sounds.

Sting vs. Aces & 8's Knox

Knox comes back with shots to Sting and takes control. Sting rolls to the floor and Knox gives chase. Sting fights back and sends the big man into the steel steps three times. Sting delivers the Stinger Splash on the security rail and sends Knox back in. Sting hits a Splash to the back of the big man and hits a Scorpion Death Drop for the win.

Winner by pin: Sting

Sting grabs the hammer and hits Knox on his right hand. He goes to do it to the other one but Devon comes out with the rest of Aces & 8's and they have Brooke hostage. Devon tells Brooke to, "Shut up b*tch." Devon says this is their year and they will reign supreme. Bully Ray runs down with his chain and fights them off and rescues Brooke. Hogan comes on the stage with his arms crossed as we go to break.

- Hogan is now in the ring and says he guesses he's supposed to thank Bully for causing all this carnage. He says he doesn't believe him and he's not the man for his daughter. Bully tries to get Sting to talk some sense into Hogan but Hogan tells Sting this is between him and Bully. Bully tells Hogan he's crazy. Bully says all he's ever cared about is wrestling and it means everything to him. He never thought he would find something he loved more than pro-wrestling. He grabs Brooke's arm and says until Brooke came into his life. Bully says he doesn't know what to say and Hogan throws down his mic.

Bully says this has happened really quickly and begins to get choked up telling Brooke how he feels for her. Bully gets down on one knee as Hogan looks on in disbelief. Bully puts a ring on Brooke's finger and says he loves her and he wants her to marry him. Brooke shakes her head "Yes" and they kiss. Bully says he wants to do it next week. Hogan leaves in disgust as Brooke and Bully embrace and kiss in the ring. Hogan is seething on his way up the ramp. Bully glares at the camera as he holds Brooke in an ever-so-subtle heel-ish way as we go off the air.

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