Impact Review: Roode And Aries One Up Each Other, Aces And Eights Time Has Come, Sting Gets Revenge

The Strange

1) The entire Joseph Park storyline is just weird, and it's baffling how long and drawn out it has been. When Park first appeared, the story made a bit of sense. He was an attorney that was trying to solve his brother Abyss' disappearance. At this point though, the fact that he is Abyss' storyline brother has nothing to do with anything really.

Week in and week out we are forced to see this weird Joseph Park character fight desperately to gain Hulk Hogan's approval to fight Aces and Eights. It just makes me wonder where the story line is going, because it seems to be floundering.

2) The weird, sibling style rivalry between Bobby Roode and Austin Aries is just bizarre. The entire episode of Impact they were acting like a couple of 16 year olds trying to prove who is cooler.

Comparing ring gear to say whose is better, arguing back and forth, ripping the title belt out of each other's hand and posing with it. These are two wrestlers who supposedly pride themselves on how good they are in the ring. To see them blatantly ignore Jeff Hardy (who is quite obviously going to use Roode and Aries' one-upping to get the victory at Genesis) is just strange.

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