Impact Review: Hogan Wrestles With His Face & Loses, Roode Over Sells, Aries Shines, Why Bully?

Match 2: Inter-gender match between Robbie T/Tessmacher vs. Jesse/Tara

Twenty-six minutes into the show and we get match number two, if you can call this a match with a straight face.

It basically when like this; Tessmacher and Tara had a one-sided lesbian relationship during the opening minutes complete with Brooke grinding her crotch in Tara's face before grinding her rear-end in her face as well. A moment later Robbie T. came in, tossed Jesse around like a rag doll for 54-seconds before executing a power-bomb to end it.

At the end, Robbie T. dances, Brooke Booty Shook and Robbie stood there like a cartoon with his mouth agape, again.

Comedy is fun when done well but when it's like this, TNA deserves the slams it continually gets. Seriously people, are you entertained? Is this what you want? Brooke is hot, I can watch her all day, but come one, the rest of match and the post match antics? Please.

Bottom Line: The Pope, Amazing Red, Jay Lethal, Alex Shelley, Rosita, Eric Young, ODB, Kid Kash, A.J. Styles and tons of other talent either let go, mis-managed or collecting dust in the locker room because TNA finds time to do this kind of crap each week but cannot find time for those that can actually help the brand grow. Amazing.

Hopefully this leads to a Robbie's break up, with a new, darker heel for Robbie E. and Rob Terry actually being allowed to wrestle, which about 4-years ago in TNA he was not bad at.

Match Rating: 0 stars

***Gut Check Promo with Brian Cage

Cage has the look but Bradley was more believable, more confident and more comfortable in his promo. Interesting to see what happens in the ring.

***Commercial: I wonder if TNA produced Stallone's new movie? It's seems like an average flick with a no-name supporting cast and the focus is on an over the hill former star? The name is perfect too as it's what needs to happen to the person that wrote and booked the show this week…the name of the film? "Bullet to the Brain"

Match 3: Gut Check: Brian Cage vs. Jay Bradley

Right off the bat both guys has a good look and appear T.V ready.

York is 35, King I am sure is in his 30's, Cage is 28, not too bad but Bradley is already 32 years of age…not exactly a youth movement but he is 22-years younger than Sting so Ill take it. Can't TNA find youth?

As far as the match, I found it rather interesting that it started with an extended lock-up, which we never see anymore (to highlight the "wrestling" aspect of Gut Check) and then unfolded into a quick, overly choreographed, basic moves match that did not allow us to see much of either man in terms of offense. Neither guy did anything innovative. Neither guy did anything that blew me away. Neither guy hooked me to tune in next week or in the future.

Not a lot of movement or energy one would expect from two guys "finally getting their break" which ended with a clothesline by Bradley who pinned Cage for the win.

Bradley reminds me off the offspring that what would come from a secret love affair between JBL and Matt Morgan.

Bottom Line: It wasn't bad, certainly better than the crap-fest that aired just before it but where was the passion, the personality and the energy?

Match Rating: **

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