Impact Review: Hogan Wrestles With His Face & Loses, Roode Over Sells, Aries Shines, Why Bully?

**Backstage with Aces and 8's

Anderson addresses the group (can we please stop letting him talk for the love of God) complaining about Angle and how something needs to be done. The leader of the group (that would be Bully Ray for those of you that don't know yet) says Anderson is right but tonight club business is about something else. Mike Knoxx lost his mask last week and he needs to make it right tonight. Is anyone into this angle at all?

***In-ring segment with Joseph Park calling out Hulk in order to get put on the roster and get a match now that he is done with "wrestling camp". We just saw two guys "getting their break" after years of paying their dues and on the heels of that TNA trots out this angle of a "lawyer" going to "wrestling camp" wanting, and getting, a shot at Devon's title? Are you freakin' kidding me?

Hulk Hogan comes out, and playing his part of a distracted, stressed GM which is what Bischoff wants, he relents to Joseph just to shut him up.

I was all for Abyss getting a make-over but this is yet another joke within TNA. Park is too campy in this role, too cartoonish that it makes a mockery, unintentionally, of the Gut Check process and everyone that has been sitting in the back, let go or mismanaged like A.J. Styles. They have time for this crap but not for those that deserve time? It's mind boggling.

***Just when I thought that it could not get any worse the Park segment ends and melds into Brooke Hogan coming out and addressing her father about Bully Ray. She wants him to reinstate him, he says no as he storms off leaving her "crying" in the ring. (Oscar Alert, Brooke is not threat to the Golden Man.)

***Backstage…Roode and Aries are in the back, saving us from Brooke, adding to their awesomeness. They start off by arguing over what they are going to wear to the ring, whose wardrobe is better before agreeing that whatever they wear will be more durable than Hogan's shirts as they both admit confusion as to why his shirts always rip. Classic!

They then try to one-up each other on what they will wear, try to tell each other what to do, before agreeing that tonight they have to agree on one thing and that's winning their match against Hardy and Storm. They have to because they are better than them they say. They then argue they are better than each other before Aries stops and says that they are a dream team… a wet dream team to which Roode gives a classic WTF expression. This back and forth, rapid exchange continues to commercial and proves that comedy, when well written, kept short and executed by those that can deliver works to perfection.

Now apply this simple segment to the Robbie E. or Joseph Park bits and feel my pain, which should also be your own.

This was a classic bit by two masters of the game…a place both sit on atop of.

*** That classic spot dissolves into a tight, crisp Genesis preview of Aries talking about winning his title back (Oh how I wish but know it wont happen because TNA is clueless when it comes to this guy). Something must be wrong with the mental feed because Hardy had to use his mouth to let us know what he was thinking. He says Aries is insanely desperate to win his title back…I say TNA would be insane to not let him.

Match 4: Tag match: Roode/Aries vs. Storm/Hardy (1:04 into the show)

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