Impact Review: Hogan Wrestles With His Face & Loses, Roode Over Sells, Aries Shines, Why Bully?

I like all four guys in this one, Storm and Hardy a little less than Roode and Aries, so this makes up for seeing Sting, Angle and Anderson opening the show.

Back and fourth match pretty much setting the tone of selling Roode and Aries one-upping each other as they dished out punishment on Hardy, the man they both are stalking for the gold around his waist. Storm pretty much was a fourth wheel, a filler to prevent us from seeing the PPV match this Sunday on this edition of impact for free.

However, so much time was focused on Roode and Aries mentally battling each other and physically assaulting Hardy it made both Hardy and Storm irrelevant.

Storm, the slowest of the four, really had to step up his speed to keep up and he did well in that regard but upon finally getting the hot tag after the majority of the match saw his partner getting dominated, he came in with weak punches, forearms which show why, in this groups of four, he is the 4th man in terms of talent.

He finally turned it up a notch on the delivery of his offense before being attacked by Kaz and Daniels, allowing Hardy to mount a comeback of sorts on Roode before Aries ended it with a shot to the back of Hardy's head with one of the title belts resulting in a DQ.

The end result of the match showed TNA's production values and management at its worst. Where did Storm, Kaz and Daniels go? Why didn't the commentary team, the three buffoons even mention that? Where is the fall out? That is just piss-poor production right there. Typical TNA…take two steps forward and three steps back.

Bottom Line: Aries and Roode is always must see T.V for me but in this one Roode over-sold to the point of being a cartoon, Hardy was made to look too weak as a champion, Storm was an after thought, the ending was poorly executed from a production stand point and the entire match was unbalanced and uneven, focusing more on the heels one-upping each other. What should have been a classis match ended up being a disjointed hot mess that even Aries and Roode could not save.

Match Rating: **

*** That hot mess gave birth to more Brooke on her cell; conveniently for the camera talking to Mark (She's using his real name? Break that fourth wall Brook, let your inner CM PUNK come out... so edgy! You go girl!). Apparently he is coming to pick her up. A few "babes" where tosses in by Brooke along the way and with each I threw up in my mouth just a bit…when did I eat nachos?

***Another Backstage segment with Joey Ryan and Matt Morgan in a trailer cutting a promo…or trying to and failing before being attacked by Chavo and Hernandez, their opponents at Sunday's Genesis. Ryan was more entertaining when he was trying to get into TNA, Morgan never had charisma, Chavo continues to exploit his dead uncle and Hernandez is irrelevant in the big picture of just about…everything. Sure, put them on a PPV, love wasting my money on people that have not earned me spending it.

*** Hardy production value on his wanting to remain champion after Genesis. Blah, Blah, Blah. At least I'm not hearing this thoughts.

Match number 5: Angle vs. Anderson comes at 1:31 into the show

Anderson's mic bit was always ridiculous to begin with…corny and stupid. This one was probably the worst of all time and shows all the reasons why he was never a main player in the WWE and has failed miserably in his run with TNA. The guy is a freakin' no talent loser. Sorry Anderson fans…don't hate me, get some taste.

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