Impact Review: Hogan Wrestles With His Face & Loses, Roode Over Sells, Aries Shines, Why Bully?

Sting tries to butt in and Hogan tells him to back off…Bully tells Hogan he is crazy, he's got it all wrong. He has been in the business for 20-years and never thought he would find anything he loved more than wrestling, until…wait for it…wait for it….grab some TUMS…wait for it…until Brooke came into his life.

I feel the acid rising in my stomach. TNA's crap is stronger than TUMS! Curses!!

Bully says that she came into by apologizing to him for her father's behavior for being so hard on Bully. Hogan is fuming…you can tell by his face, either that or he has gas. I would offer him some TUMS but they aren't working for me, Brother! Bully looks at Brooke, tells her that he is not good with words and emotions, gets down on one knee and proposes. Brooke accepts, they agree to marry next week on Impact.

What? Why? No one can defend this show don't make a fool of yourself by trying.

Sting looks constipated, Hogan wrestles with his face and loses…the audience does not know what to do…butterflies around the world just died and once again I threw up in my mouth a little.

When did I eat rice?

The show ends with Hogan walking up the ramp with an expression of getting a lava enema.

TNA goes off the air and I am wondering if anyone at Spike saw this and will allow them back on next week.

Bottom Line this week:

I know, I are tired of negative TNA reviews. You want someone to tell you how good it was. I can't this week. Would love to, just can't. I want TNA to succeed and even when it's bad its better than anything Vince puts out in my opinion. WWE needs TNA to survive as competition is a good thing. However, no one can defend this episode and if you try your in denial.

TNA is much better than this but when I see A.J. mismanaged and off screen, Eric Young not properly used, Gut Check contestants in their 30's instead of younger guys, Jay Lethal, Amazing Red, The Pope, Sarita etc. not being there while guys Robbie E, Rob Terry and Aces and 8's are getting air you really have to wonder.

I want them to focus on the X-Division, I want them to stop insulting the fans, I want them to stop trying to be Saturday Night Live less and be Friday Night Main Event more.

They need to spend some money, need to acquire better talent, need to go on the road and need to stop producing Impacts like this one.

Go ahead…tear me a new one below. Lord knows after that Impact you need to have some fun.

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