Tara Discusses Her New Documentary, Being A Strong Character, Breaking Her Arm & More

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"So, it's a lonely road and you don't cry. You just hurt a lot here; we're actresses who do our own stunts and you get hurt and just don't show it, it's weird. In a normal lifestyle, like actors, if they get hurt, they pull you aside and are like 'Oh I'm sorry, let me get ice on that'. For us, we don't show pain, just because I don't anyone to know that I'm hurt; that means I can't wrestle the next match. Isn't that weird? You just damage yourself more when you don't say anything. It's just a different lifestyle that we lead and I'll be honest, if I had a daughter and she told me she wanted to be a wrestler, I don't know if I'd be all gung-ho about it. I'll be honest; that means I won't see her 250 days out of the year and be on the road. You have to have thick skin for the business and I'm one the people that are very, very sensitive and I never got that thick skin. I don't know what happened, but I'm very sensitive; you can ask anybody that I work with. They go 'How are you still sensitive and still here?' and I go 'I don't know'. It's a tough industry but the tough survive. I've been doing it 13 years, gosh, I can't believe it. I still feel like a rookie sometimes. It's weird, it's very weird."

Being a trailblazer and working cage matches as a woman: "They're scary, I'm not going to lie. I mean, imagine the ring without that cage and you stand on the turnbuckle, you know, when I do my moonsaults looking down, and you're going to laugh but I have a fear of heights. Isn't that crazy? And I look outside (the ring) and I go 'Oh my god' and you get that little tingly feeling because you're so scared. And then imagine going to the top of the cage and looking down, to the outside it looks further, but again when you're in this business; especially when I came to TNA, I talked a big game and said you'll rarely find me saying no to anything. If you give me in a Tables, Ladders and Chairs match, I'll do it. You give me a cage match or a hardcore match, I'm game. I said, whatever you present to me, I will do the best I can and you won't be disappointed. And, of course, what do they do, they put in them. Oh my god."

On breaking her arm in the main event cage match with Mickie James: "It's scary; with Mickie James, I tore my elbow in the end and it snapped back. I had Earl Hebner say 'I'm ending it"; they were going to call the doctors and end the match and that was the main event, so I told him, and excuse my language, I told him to 'f off' in the ring and he goes 'No, what's wrong?' and I go, 'I think I broke my arm'. He said, 'End it, end it; I'm ending it' and I go 'No, no. Don't you dare!' I'm main-eventing and you'll have me get rolled up or something? The ending was she went to the top and 'Theszed' me from the top of the cage and I caught her and she rolled me up. And then as soon as they tell you, when the ref tells you 'We're dark; we're off camera now', that's when my tears burst out. They told me 'Stay down stay down' because my arm was, you can see it on camera if you watch it back, it had a weird look to it. I tore my tendon and of course what do I saw when I come back to the agents and all my bosses and stuff? 'I'm so sorry I hurt myself' and they're like 'Are you serious?! You just got a standing ovation from the boy in the backstage. What other guy would have completed that?? You are tough.' And I go 'Yeah, but I hurt myself, I'm so sorry.'"

You can download and listen to the full interview at this link.

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