Current And Former WWE Superstars Comment On Recent Firing

Current And Former WWE Superstars Comment On Recent Firing
As previously noted, WWE recently released Trent Barreta from his contract. Barreta made a name for himself while teaming with Caylen Croft as the Dudebusters. After Croft was released, he was mainly used as an enhancement talent, and spent most of the later part of this tenure in NXT.

Current and former WWE superstars commented about his release on Twitter:

Edge: "Disappointed to hear @trentylocks released. Über talented kid who'll land on his feet(he's agile)"

Zack Ryder: "#wherestrent @trentylocks"

Tom Pritchard: "@trentylocks and I have the same disease...It's called 'cantkeepmymouthshut' that can be a detriment in more than one way...#nocure"

Dolph Ziggler: "#WheresTRENT??? Oh right, being an awesome wrestler somewhere else...."

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