Matt Morgan and Joey Ryan vs. Chavo Guerrero and Hernandez for the World Tag Team Titles

The announcers talk up Guerrero and Hernandez, and talk about their various defenses since winning. Chavo and Ryan open things up, they tie up and Ryan backs Chavo into the corner.

He takes Ryan down with a big clothesline and presses the attack. Hernandez comes in and locks in a bear hug. He then tosses Ryan over his shoulder.

Hernandez hits a big splash for a two count. Chavo comes in and hits Ryan with a running dropkick to the face. Ryan escapes and tags in Morgan, who comes in and whips Chavo into the corner.

Ryan comes back in and Morgan steps on Chavo's wrist, allowing Ryan to take advantage. Chavo fights back with some punches to the gut, and then an elbow to the head.

Hernandez comes in and hits a big back body drop on Ryan. Ryan rolls to his corner and Morgan comes in. He and Hernandez stare each other down.

They fight back and forth, and Ryan comes back in. Ryan presses the attack on Hernandez and Morgan comes back in and hits Hernandez with a boot.

Morgan knocks Hernandez down and taunts him. He chokes Hernandez in the corner as the ref counts. Hernandez fights back with some elbows and a boot to the head, but Morgan hits a discus clothesline.

Ryan comes back in and attacks Hernandez in the corner, but he fights back and Morgan comes in to press the double team.

Ryan is back in and he is working on Hernandez's head. Hernandez hits a big backbreaker and crawls over to Chavo.

Chavo comes in hot and hits Ryan with a head scissors takedown. He then hits Ryan with the 3 Amigos. He goes up top but Morgan runs in, so Chavo hits him with a missile dropkick. Hernandez comes in and the champs hit a double dropkick on Morgan, sending him out of the ring.

Hernandez then stays in the ring and slams Ryan. Chavo goes up top and hits the Frog Splash for the win.

Winners and still Tag Champs: Chavo and Hernandez

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