Joseph Park vs. Devon

Devon talks trash on Park in the center of the ring. They tie up, and Devon takes control, shoving Park into the ropes. They stare each other down and tie back up. Devon takes control again, and slaps the back of Park's head.
Devon then pulls Park's feet out from under him and Park's face hits the mat. He just stares at Devon.

Devon gets down in referee's position and motions for Park to get behind him. Park does and then takes Devon down, who escapes outside the ring.

Devon then hits Park with some forearms to the back, and a couple boots. Park stands up and hits Devon with a couple arm drag takedowns. Devon fights back, and they go to the outside. Devon bounces Park's head off the steps and presses the attack.

They go back in the ring, and Devon rips the turnbuckle off. He then tries to hit Park's head off it, but Park grabs the ropes.

Park fights back, and tries to go off the ropes but Devon counters.

Park hits a double leg takedown and punches Devon in the face. He then picks Devon up and shoves him to the mat. He then hits Devon with a splash from the top rope for a two count.

Devon gets to his feet and hits Park's head off the exposed turnbuckle. Park starts to bleed from his nose and "unleashes the beast." He picks Devon up and goes for the chokeslam, but drops Devon and starts just staring around wide eyed, calming down after freaking out. Devon quickly pins Park while he is staring around, confused looking.

Winner: Devon

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