Gail Kim vs. Miss Tessmacher vs. ODB vs. Mickie James vs. Velvet Sky (Gauntlet Match)

MT rushes the ring and attacks Kim. She hits a quick rollup for a two count. She presses the attack on Kim in the corner, but Kim fights back.

Kim shows off to the crowd, and goes up top but MT kicks her and knocks her back into the ring.

MT hits a big dropkick and then nails some strikes. Kim fights back and pins MT, eliminating her

ODB then runs out. Kim meets her on the outside and they fight by the ring. ODB bounces Kim's head off the apron and the action goes inside. ODB spanks Kim, and then nails her with some shoulders to the gut in the corner.

Kim fights back and goes for a crossbody, but ODB catches and slams her. ODB presses the attack and goes up top but Kim pulls her down and pins her while holding her pants.

Mickie James then runs out and immediately attacks Kim. Kim fights back and hits James with a shoulder to the gut.

James then hits a neck breaker and they are both down in the center of the ring. They get to their feet at the same time and exchange strikes. James comes out on top.

James hits a flapjack and bounds to her feet. She goes up top and Kim rolls out of the ring. James sends her back in.

Kim grabs the ref's feet, and then Kim hits a quick roll up, eliminating James.

Velvet Sky comes out, and Kim whips her into the steps. Sky rolls into the ring and Kim drives her knee into Sky's neck.

Sky fights back and whips Kim into the corner. She charges Kim, and Kim hits a big boot. She goes for a pin and grabs the ropes for leverage, but the ref sees her and stops her count.

Kim argues with the ref, and Sky hits In Yo Face while Kim is distracted for the win.

Winner and number one contender: Velvet Sky

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