Christopher Daniels vs. James Storm

The two tie up in the ring, and Storm takes control with a side headlock. He takes Daniels to the mat and keeps the lock on. Daniels gets to his feet and fights out, but Storm locks another side headlock back in.

Daniels counters into a modified head scissors submission, but Storm gets out. He then clotheslines Daniels over the top rope.

Storm follows Daniels outside, and presses the attack. He slams Daniels' head off the barrier and attacks him on the stairs.

They go back into the ring, and Storm gets some big right hands on Daniels in the corner.

Kazarian attacks Storm from the outside of the ring. Daniels bows to the crowd, and then hits Storm with a kick to the gut. He then goes to work on Storm's left arm.

Daniel's pushes Storm into the corner and keeps working on Storm's arm. He lifts Storm to his feet and torques his arm.

Storm tries to fight back, but Daniels stays on his arm for several minutes.

Storm fights back to his feet and lands a couple strikes to the head of Daniels with his free arm to make the escape.

The two exchange strikes in the center of the ring, and Storm hits a lariat on Daniels. Storm goes up top and hits an elbow drop for a two count.

Daniels quickly comes back and rushes Storm in the corner, but Storm counters. Storm hits Daniels with a kick to the head.

Storm goes for the Last Call, but Daniels counters with Angel Wings for a two count. Storm then hits closing time. Storm goes for the Last Call again, but Kazarian goes to attack Storm so Storm kicks him instead. Daniels comes from behind and picks up a quick pin off the distraction for the win. Storm's foot was on the rope though, and the ref didn't notice.

Winner: Christopher Daniels

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