Source: WWE

WWE's website has a new Q&A up with Dolph Ziggler from the latest issue of WWE Magazine. During the interview, Ziggler discussed winning the Money in the Bank Ladder Match last July and finally getting his due.

Ziggler said that he wouldn't be touting how good he is if he didn't really believe it, and that he's been saying for years that he deserves to be in the top spot. He also said that it was time that "people woke up to what just about everyone in the world had already known."

Ziggler also admitted that the biggest thing holding him back is that he doesn't listen. He said that he will sometimes do something because he thinks it's right, but it would be the wrong thing to do. He said that he is going to have to pay attention to people that have been with the company a lot longer because, "sometimes they're going to be right."

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