WWE Main Event Recap: Orton Vs. Cesaro, The Shield Attacks, Maddox On Commentary & More

WWE Main Event Recap: Orton Vs. Cesaro, The Shield Attacks, Maddox On Commentary & More
Welcome to the WrestlingInc.com WWE Main Event Recap.

- Michael Cole and The Miz welcome us to the show from ringside after pyro and crowd shots. Cole plugs the Royal Rumble and sends to the ring for the main event.

- Randy Orton's music hits and he is introduced to the ring. Antonio Cesaro's music hits and he comes down waving an American flag. We go to a clip of his interaction with Miz and Ric Flair from Monday's RAW. Miz says Flair allowing him to do the Figure-4 was one of the greatest moments of his career. Cole alludes to Miz' issues with Cesaro as we see a shot of Miz gazing at Cesaro.

Randy Orton vs. Antonio Cesaro

The bell rings and the two combatants lock-up with Orton taking him down into a headlock. Cesaro gets out using his legs and they get up to reset as Cesaro adjusts his neck. Cesaro goes into a side-headlock but Orton gets out with a drop toe-hold and they grapple back to a stalemate. More lock-ups. They ref breaks them up in the corner and Cesaro gets in some cheap-shots. Orton hits a Thesz Press and hits some ground-and-pound. Orton connects with a European Uppercut for 2. Cesaro sends Orton in and takes him down with a shoulderblock. Orton rolls to the floor and Cesaro follows with a shot to the guts. Cesaro drops Orton, throat-first, onto the security wall. Cesaro sends him back in and gets 2.

Cole asks Miz if he's entering the Rumble and Miz asks him what kind of question is that. Orton reverses momentum in the ring and throws Cesaro over the top. Orton drives Cesaro into the ring a couple of times and drops his back across the security wall. Cesaro overtakes him and sends him, shoulder-first, into the steps. Cole sends to commercial.

We return to action in the ring as Orton tries to mount offense. Cesaro powers Orton up for a gutwrench suplex and a 2. Miz says it's moves like that, that impress him. Cesaro goes up top but Orton meets him with a right hand, a headbutt, and an uppercut. Orton goes for the superplex but Cesaro headbutts him off to the mat. Cesaro waits for Orton to gets up and he leaps for some great hang-time and delivers a double axe-handle and then turns around to look at Miz. Cesaro takes a bow as Miz says he's glad Cesaro is taking moves from him. Orton kicks out at 2.

Cesaro jerks Orton back-and-forth in a sleeper but Orton gets up and fights back. Cesaro hits a sit-down powerslam for 2. Cesaro with another near-fall and back to the sleeper. Orton gets up again but falls victim to a knee to his guts by Cesaro. Orton works his way up again from a sleeper and hits a standing dropkick to create some space. Orton puts Cesaro up top in the corner and connects with the superplex. Both men sell the pain as Orton crawls over and makes the cover but Cesaro kicks out with authority. Cole sends to another commercial.

We return to Orton and Cesaro trading shots in the ring. Orton gets the upper-hand and sends Cesaro in but Cesaro reverses into a sleeper. Orton gets out with a side suplex and the ref counts both men on the mat. They trade shots on their knees. They get up and Cesaro unloads with five European Uppercuts, backing Orton up in the corner. Orton explodes out of the corner with a clothesline and hits his signature powerslam. Orton goes for his ropes DDT but gets launched onto the apron; Orton drops to the floor while driving the back of Cesaro's neck into the top rope. Orton gets 2 in the ring and stalks Cesaro to get up. Cesaro launches Orton in the air out of nowhere and hits his superb uppercut. Cesaro slowly gets up and lifts Orton's limp body. They mix it up in the corner; Cesaro comes off the top and Orton catches him dead in the jaw with a dropkick. Orton slides into the cover for 2. Orton connects with the ropes-DDT and starts to get read to coil as the camera shows Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins at ringside and Orton zeros in on them. They hop the security along with Roman Reigns who is always by himself when they enter.

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