NXT this week opens up with a recap of Big E. Langston beating Seth Rollins to become the new NXT Champion.

Adrian Neville vs. Sakamoto

Sakamoto doesn't get an entrance for Adrian Neville's debut match.

The two tie up and Neville takes control. He goes to work on Sakamoto's arm. William Regal mentions that Neville has high flying moves that make Rey Mysterio jealous.

Neville locks in a side headlock, and then hits a few shoulder knockdowns and a hurricanrana. Sakamoto comes back with some kicks to the back. Sakamoto keeps up the attack with a few headlocks.

Neville fights out and hits two clotheslines on Sakamoto. Sakamoto whips Neville into the corner, but Neville bounds out of the corner, does a back handspring thing and kicks Sakamoto in the head.

Neville then goes up top and hits a way impressive corkscrew shooting star press for the win.

Winner: Adrian Neville

Trent Barreta vs. Leo Kruger

Kassius Ohno is on commentary for his match.

They tie up and Barreta backs Kruger into the corner. Barreta hits Kruger with some chops and an uppercut. Kruger goes down, and Barreta hits him with a knee to the head, followed by a Suplex.

Barreta then locks in a side headlock. Kruger fights to his feet, but runs into a standing dropkick by Barreta.

Kruger recovers quickly and hits Barreta with some punches to the head. Barreta bounds off the ropes and Kruger hits him with a brutal looking knee to the stomach.

Back from commercial and Kruger is working on Barreta's ribs. Barreta fights back, but Kruger hits him with a clothesline. He then goes back to work on the ribs.

Barreta comes back with some knife-edge chops. He whips Kruger off the ropes and hits a clothesline. Barreta goes up top and lands a missile drop kick for a near pin fall.

Kruger locks in a single leg Boston Crab and drags Barreta to the center of the ring, but Barreta crawls to the ropes.

Barreta then hits an Enziguri and Kruger flies out of the ring. Barreta then hits a Suicide Dive on Kruger. Ohno runs down and hits Barreta with an elbow, and then sends him into the ring where Kruger hits the Kruger End for the win.

Winner: Leo Kruger

After the match, Regal pulls Barreta out of the ring, and another ref runs down and argues with the ref that called the match. They both go up to Byron Saxton and he says that the ref has reversed his decision.

Winner via disqualification: Trent Barreta

Trent Barreta and William Regal stare down at the ring from the ramp.

Back from commercial and new NXT Champion Big E. Langston comes down to the ring and grabs a mic.

He says that as the new champ, his reign will be one that the fans have never seen. He says it will be the era of the five.

Camacho then interrupts and says that the two have a beef to settle. Camacho says that he is going to take Langston's title.

Big E. Langston vs. Camacho

They tie up and Camacho attacks Langston in the corner with some punches to the head. He charges at Langston, but Langston hits him with a clothesline, followed by five knees to the gut.

Langston then hits the Big Ending for the win.

Winner: Big E. Langston

After the match, Langston sits his belt in the corner and hits Camacho with another Big Ending. He then covers him for a five count.

The fans chant one more time, so Langston picks Camacho up again and hits another Big Ending, and another five count.

Tyson Kidd and Justin Gabriel vs. Damien Sandow and United States Champion Antonio Cesaro

Sandow comes out first and silences the music. He says that he doesn't desire the fan's admiration. He tells them to close their mouths when he speaks.

He then says that he is about to make a soon to be famous quote:
He, who seeks the admiration of idiots, is himself an idiot. And I am not an idiot. I am the intellectual savior of the masses, and your martyr. You're welcome.

Sandow and Kidd start things off. They tie up and Kidd wraps Sandow's arm around the rope. He tags in Gabriel, and Sandow rolls to Cesaro and tags him in.

Cesaro and Gabriel tie up, and Cesaro slams Gabriel's head to the mat. Gabriel fights back and kicks Cesaro out of the ring. Kidd runs over and kicks him in the head.

Back from commercial, and Kidd is in control of Sandow. He hits two arm drag takedowns and then keeps Sandow's arm locked in. Gabriel comes in and goes to work on Sandow's arm as well.

Sandow fights back and tags in Cesaro. He locks in a side headlock on Gabriel, followed by a shoulder knockdown. Gabriel fights back with some chops to the head, but Cesaro reverses with a clothesline.

Sandow comes back in and delivers some knees to the gut to Gabriel. He then hits the Elbow of Disdain for a near pin fall. Cesaro comes back in and immediately goes to work on Gabriel's head/neck area.

Cesaro hits Gabriel with a Gutwrench Suplex, but Kidd breaks up the pin attempt. Gabriel fights back to his corner and Kidd comes in. Sandow comes in at the same time, and Kidd is in control.

Kidd tries to lock on the Sharpshooter, but Cesaro breaks it up. Gabriel comes in and hits Sandow from the top rope. Kidd then comes in and hits Sandow from the top rope with an elbow drop for the win.

Winners: Tyson Kidd and Justin Gabriel

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