TNA Impact Results - Bully & Brooke Wedding, Big Heel-Turn & More, Sound Off With Your Thoughts

- We see more of Bully in the back with his friends. Taz walks in and says sorry and he's been working. They talk about 'Paul' not being there and Bully says he called him and he said he will call Bully back in, "Five minutes." They all say that in unison. Bully says Brooke's been texting her and she's a wreck. Taz says Hulk's a dad and it's a tough spot. Bully says that no matter what his three friends are here to see him get married.

- A video package is shown recounting the Hogan-Bully saga.

- Back in the arena as Sting's music hits and he comes out sans bat. Sting comes to the ring and says it feels good to be here and that love is in the air in his 'Joker' gimmick and calls Hulk to the ring. Hogan comes out and gets in the ring. Hogan tells him to cut the crap. Hogan says they've been in the business for a long time and they both have had people stab them in the back. Sting says Bully Ray has come to their aid a bunch of times and asks what it's going to take to let this thing happen. Hogan says everybody is telling him on social media not to trust Bully and he never will. Sting says he needs to do this for Brooke and himself. The crowd chants 'Do It!' Hogan says that he always does the right thing, brother; he drops the mic and walks up the ramp.

- Gail Kim approaches Taryn in the back and wants to show her what she cost her at Genesis on an iPad. Taryn sees Gail's foot on the ropes and assures her that tonight, everything will be called down the middle. Gail gets in her face and says it better be.

- We return to footage of Bully's bachelor party at 'Rick's.'

Gail Kim vs. Velvet Sky

Kim is out first then Velvet in her Catwoman suit. Taryn separates them in the corner and Gail puts on a headlock in the center of the ring. Velvet gets out and hits a shoulderblock; Gail rolls to the floor and complains of hair-pulling. Velvet gets 2 quick near-falls but Gail overtakes her. Gail hits a running clothesline and kicks Velvet after she falls and botches a move. Gail drops her in a reverse neckbreaker for 2. Velvet snaps a suplex for 2. Gail applies a head scissors to Velvet. Kim with a dropkick and Eat Defeat. Velvet's foot is under the rope and Taryn stops the count. Gail gets in her face and Velvet hits her with a bulldog from behind. Velvet hits a flurry and the In Your Face for the win.

Winner by pin: Velvet Sky

Velvet motions that she wants the title one more time.

- Brooke and Dixie Carter cry in the back and Dixie tells her that her dad loves her very much. They hug and Brooke tells her to get her butt out there because she needs her. The wedding is NEXT.

- We see a graphic for Daniels vs. Hardy for the World Title next week.

- Bobby Roode's music interrupts the announcers and he walks to the ring with Austin Aries. Aries shakes one of the presents with his ear to it on the way down. Roode says the only celebration that should go on this show is for them two. They get in the camera and talk about their accomplishments. They bicker a little and chime in with finishing each other's sentences. Aries talks about the current TNA titleholders. They want respect and it makes them sick. They say they object to the wedding. Chavo & Hernandez' music hits and they come down with their own objections.

Chavo says he and Hernandez object to the statements they are making about the champions of TNA. Aries says he objects to their objecting to his objections and calls them wedding caterers. Chavo & Hernandez attack them and Hernandez goes for a powerbomb on Aries but Roode pulls him out. The wedding is Next for real this time.

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