Re-Post: TNA Impact Results (with Tons Of Video)

Re-Post: TNA Impact Results (with Tons Of Video)
- Impact begins with a recap of last week with Aces & 8's and Bully & Brooke. We are cordially invited to the wedding of Bully and Brooke.

- We go to shots of a cake and presents at ringside.

- Earlier Today: Bully nervously gets ready in the dressing room and gets a look at his tux. Spike Dudley knocks and comes in and they embrace. Bully tries on his taped glasses. Tommy Dreamer comes in and they hug. Bully has tuxedoes for both of them. None of them can believe Bully's getting married.

We go to Brooke getting her hair done and Miss Tessmacher and other Knockouts getting ready as her bridesmaids. Tessmacher asks if Brooke's dad is coming and she says she doesn't know.

- Pyro and crowd shots, as we are welcomed to the show by Tenay & Co. Jeff Hardy's music hits and he makes his way to the ring, slapping hands with the fans.

Hardy says the odds were stacked against him at Genesis but he prevailed again, holding up his title. The crowd chants that he's still got it and they're his creatures. Hardy says in 2013 he'll always be down for a fight. Kazarian & Daniels' music hits and they make their way to the ring. Kaz cuts a promo on the way down and calls the fans 'butt-puppets.' Daniels says he didn't think Hardy was the bragging type and starts to rundown his own accomplishments. Daniels says he didn't need any creatures to help him. He says the 'Creatures' are losers just like AJ and Hardy. Hardy wants a fight but Kaz attacks him from behind and they stomp him. James Storm's music hits and he comes to the rescue. Storm proposes a match between the four of them right now. Storm says this is not an option and he and Hardy go out and take it to Kaz & Daniels.

Jeff Hardy & James Storm vs. Daniels & Kazarian

The bell rings as Hardy sends Kaz into the ring. Storm clotheslines Daniels out to the floor then pulls Kaz out. Hardy hits a dropkick under the ropes to both of them as we go to commercial.

Storm hits a backdrop to Daniels in the ring as we return Hardy tags in for some double teaming and a near-fall. He tags Storm back in and holds Daniels for him; Storm comes off the top with an axe-handle to Daniels' arm. Kaz hits a cheap shot to Storm from the apron behind the ref's back and they double team Storm. Daniels gets 2. Kaz hits a nice standing dropkick and tags Daniels for more punishment. More quick tags.

Daniels pushes Hardy on the apron and the ref holds Hardy back as he tries to get him some. Storm hits and inside cradle and gets 2; Daniels resumes offense with a clothesline. Storm hits a Side Russian Leg Sweep and leaps and tags Hardy in. Hardy runs and hits a dropkick to Kaz as soon as Daniels tags him, sending him flying to the floor from the apron. Hardy hits a clothesline off the apron to Kaz on the floor. Kaz escapes back in the ring and Hardy hits him with a flurry and gets 2. Hardy hits Whisper in the Wind but Daniels makes the save. Hardy gets laid out and Storm comes in with Closing Time on Daniels. Daniels and Storm go to the floor. Kaz rakes the eyes and gets 2 on Hardy. Hardy hits the Twist of Fate to pin Kaz.

Winners by pin: Jeff Hardy & James Storm

Daniels attacks Hardy from behind and hits the Angel's Wings to Hardy onto the title belt. Daniels drapes the official title across his shoulder as he lies with his arm on a laid-out Hardy, antagonizing him.

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