Source: recently spoke with former WWE and WCW Superstar Jake "The Snake" Roberts. Here are some highlights.

"Stone Cold" Steve Austin: "I love Steve very much and respect him. I believed in him before anybody else. He had been given a raw deal several times in other organizations but I was the first person to step up and say, 'This is the guy!' I hate when I'm right."

A possible return to the ring: "Never say never. But that is not what I'm here for. What my dream may have been in the beginning pales in comparison to the dream that has become. I want to excel in what I'm doing and slay the beast that used to control my life. If Jake Roberts can do these things, bring myself back to health, conquer my demons, then I will become something much bigger than Jake Roberts ever was. That would be an example that you can win the war that you are battling."

On the Jerry Lawler whiskey segment: "There's a lot of things that some might choose to hold bad feelings about. I choose not to think about negative moments and certainly not waste time thinking about them. I wish Jerry the best. I have much more important things to deal with than the past,like my future."

Working in Mexico for AAA: "Dangerous and exciting. Thank God I had a bodyguard named Sherri Martel. I actually felt sorry for the people she attacked. I really miss her. Seriously, very confusing to work there."

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