WWE SmackDown Results: Del Rio & Sheamus Vs. Show & Ziggler, New Shield Video & More

Sheamus & Alberto Del Rio vs. The Big Show & Dolph Ziggler

Del Rio starts off with Ziggler and they jockey for position. Del Rio hits and scoop slam and tries a moonsault but Ziggler moves and Del Rio rolls through. Del Rio drags Ziggler to Sheamus and he tags himself in. Sheamus runs over Ziggler with a shoulderblock and hits a delayed vertical suplex for 2. Ziggler wiggles his way off Sheamus' shoulders and tags Show. Big Show starts to dominate Sheamus and headbutts him out of the ring. Big E tries to send Sheamus into the steel post but Sheamus reverses and the ref throws Big E out from ringside as AJ bangs the briefcase on the apron. AJ enters the ring and gets in the ref's face and gets thrown out as well.

Ziggler is in control of Del Rio in the ring as we come back to action. Del Rio counters with a German Suplex and tags Sheamus who comes in with fire. Sheamus goes up top but Big Show tosses him to the floor with one hand. Sheamus crawls his way back in the ring and Ziggler captures him again and tags Show for more slow punishment. Sheamus hits clubbing blows to Show's chest to escape from a submission. Show won't let up and hits a splash off the 2nd buckle but Sheamus kicks out. Show goes for another but Sheamus rolls out of the way and leaps in for the tag to Del Rio. Del Rio unloads on a fresh Ziggler. Del Rio calls for the Cross Armbreaker and locks it in but Show breaks it up with a leg drops. Sheamus comes back in and drops Show in the Irish Curse. Del Rio hits an Enzuigiri to Show on the apron to send him to the floor and throws a pail of water on him.

Show is livid and frozen with anger but chooses to walk up the ramp. The ref counts him out.

Winners by count out: Sheamus & Alberto Del Rio

Sheamus and Del Rio celebrate in the ring as green, red, and white balloons fall from the ceiling.

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