- Jim Ross recently had some kind words to say regarding the career of the Rock, stating (via Twitter), " When I signed @TheRock he had $7 in his pocket. Look at him now. It's called hard work and refusing to fail. #sauceit."

- Randy Orton addressed recent rumors of him taking some time off. He has gone on record to deny these rumors. He wrote on his Twitter, "Everyone's asking me if I'm taking time off. I guess some online site said I was. Not true. Move to the next rumor on the list people."

- As many are aware, Lance Armstrong shockingly confessed during an interview with Oprah that he cheated on all seven of his Tour de France victories by using performance enhancing drugs.

TNA wrestler Magnus had some choice words about Armstrong's consequences via Twitter, stating, "Sorry Lance, but a lifetime ban from a sport that made you a household name and a millionaire is not a death sentence. Melodramatic much? People with terminal illness/on death row would probably trade places with Armstrong's "death penalty"...ironic considering he survived TC."

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