WWE Saturday Morning Slam Recap: Sheamus Challenges McGillicutty, Divas In Action, Miz-PTP

McGillicutty gets the first-man-in-advantage on Sheamus and kicks him off the apron, back to the floor. McGillicutty hits a suplex in the ring and Sheamus kicks out at 1. Sheamus recovers and keeps kicking McGillicutty's feet out from under him. He gives him an airplane spin. McGillicutty is dizzy and rolls up the ref and Sheamus counts to three. Pretty funny. McGillicutty thinks he won and Sheamus raises his hand. The ref protests and Sheamus lifts McGillicutty on his shoulders for White Noise.

Winner by pin: Sheamus

Sheamus celebrates with the fans as we see a replay.

- We transition into "another Superstar who is looking to build momentum in 2013, The Miz."

- Natalya is standing by with The Miz in the back. She asks his thoughts about facing Darren Young on next week's show. Miz says the Prime Time Players remind him of himself. PTP interrupts with a loud whistle. They say Miz is played out. Titus says talk is cheap and they start to do their million dollar dance. Miz stops them and tells them to go to Vegas and bet on the Miz and put that it their whistle and blow it.

- We see a graphic for Miz vs. Young as our host signs off until next week. "Have a good weekend everyone."

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