Re-Post: WWE SmackDown Results (With Tons Of Video)

Re-Post: WWE SmackDown Results (With Tons Of Video)
- A video is shown of The Rock Concert rolling into SmackDown tonight. Plus, Alberto Del Rio's Fiesta.

- We go straight to the ring where a Mariachi band is playing with a woman dancing. Ricardo Rodriguez introduces Del Rio to cheers from the crowd. JBL says he loves that guy. Del Rio comes out with a smile and the gold on his shoulder.

Del Rio welcomes us to the fiesta and says we have to celebrate that Big Show is no longer champion. Dolph Ziggler interrupts with AJ and Big E Langston. JBL sells that he's going to cash his briefcase in. Ziggler says Del Rio now has a giant target on his head. Ziggler introduces Big E and Del Rio tells them to leave. Ziggler says maybe after Big E drops Del Rio and Ziggler cashes in his briefcase. Big Show interrupts and he walks to the ring with a purpose.

Ziggler says Del Rio is outnumbered as Sheamus' music hits and he comes down the ramp. He calls Dolph 'Ziggles.' Sheamus gets in the ring and says he can't resist a fiesta. Sheamus tells 'Bertie' that he knows they have had their differences but he wants to congratulate him on his epic victory over the Giant. Sheamus puts out his hand and Del Rio shakes it. Big Show glares. Del Rio and Sheamus go to fight the opposition as Booker T comes down and has something to say.

Booker says that if Big Show ever puts his hands on him again, he will ruin his day, 'sucka.' Booker makes a match of Big Show & Ziggler vs. Sheamus & Del Rio in the main event. Booker asks to heels to leave because they are not invited to this party. They do. Booker asks the fans if they're ready to party and Del Rio gets the band playing again. Del Rio wants Booker to do the Spin-A-Rooni and he does. Del Rio asks Sheamus to do the Mexican hat dance around a sombrero in the ring. Sheamus agrees and does a jig with the woman in classic Mexican garb.

- We see a graphic for Team Hell No & Orton vs. Team Rhodes Scholars & Barrett. Plus, we will have another Rock Concert.

- Kofi Kingston makes his entrance as we return. Antonio Cesaro is already in the ring.

Kofi Kingston vs. Antonio Cesaro

Evenly matched to start off; Cesaro takes down Kofi as Miz looks on from a monitor in the back. Cesaro hits a gutwrench for 2. Kofi explodes out of the corner and they trade more quick offense. Kofi hits the SOS for 2. JBL says this is the 700th episode of SmackDown. Cesaro catches Kofi off a hurricanrana attempt and hits the Neutralizer for the win.

Winner by pin: Antonio Cesaro

Cesaro waves the US flag in the ring.

- Miz shakes his head in disgust in the back runs into Primo & Epico with Rosa and they call him Ric Flair's new sidekick and use his 'Really?!' gimmick. They says Flair was great but Miz only has catchphrases. Miz mixes up their names and leaves up to Rosa to decide which one faces him tonight. He wonders what Rosa even does and walks off as she cusses him out in Spanish.

- We return to a shot of The Alamo in San Antonio.

- Natalya accompanies The Great Khali to the ring where Tensai is already waiting. We see footage of Hornswoggle getting injured by Big E last week and he is not here this week.

The Great Khali vs. Tensai

They lock up and Khali hits chops to the chest in the corners. Tensai goes crazy with shots and headbutts in the corner. He charges in but Khali gets up a big boot and hits a big chop for the win. What was to point of that?

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