- A video is shown of The Rock Concert rolling into SmackDown tonight. Plus, Alberto Del Rio's Fiesta.

- We go straight to the ring where a Mariachi band is playing with a woman dancing. Ricardo Rodriguez introduces Del Rio to cheers from the crowd. JBL says he loves that guy. Del Rio comes out with a smile and the gold on his shoulder.

Del Rio welcomes us to the fiesta and says we have to celebrate that Big Show is no longer champion. Dolph Ziggler interrupts with AJ and Big E Langston. JBL sells that he's going to cash his briefcase in. Ziggler says Del Rio now has a giant target on his head. Ziggler introduces Big E and Del Rio tells them to leave. Ziggler says maybe after Big E drops Del Rio and Ziggler cashes in his briefcase. Big Show interrupts and he walks to the ring with a purpose.

Ziggler says Del Rio is outnumbered as Sheamus' music hits and he comes down the ramp. He calls Dolph 'Ziggles.' Sheamus gets in the ring and says he can't resist a fiesta. Sheamus tells 'Bertie' that he knows they have had their differences but he wants to congratulate him on his epic victory over the Giant. Sheamus puts out his hand and Del Rio shakes it. Big Show glares. Del Rio and Sheamus go to fight the opposition as Booker T comes down and has something to say.

Booker says that if Big Show ever puts his hands on him again, he will ruin his day, 'sucka.' Booker makes a match of Big Show & Ziggler vs. Sheamus & Del Rio in the main event. Booker asks to heels to leave because they are not invited to this party. They do. Booker asks the fans if they're ready to party and Del Rio gets the band playing again. Del Rio wants Booker to do the Spin-A-Rooni and he does. Del Rio asks Sheamus to do the Mexican hat dance around a sombrero in the ring. Sheamus agrees and does a jig with the woman in classic Mexican garb.

- We see a graphic for Team Hell No & Orton vs. Team Rhodes Scholars & Barrett. Plus, we will have another Rock Concert.

- Kofi Kingston makes his entrance as we return. Antonio Cesaro is already in the ring.

Kofi Kingston vs. Antonio Cesaro

Evenly matched to start off; Cesaro takes down Kofi as Miz looks on from a monitor in the back. Cesaro hits a gutwrench for 2. Kofi explodes out of the corner and they trade more quick offense. Kofi hits the SOS for 2. JBL says this is the 700th episode of SmackDown. Cesaro catches Kofi off a hurricanrana attempt and hits the Neutralizer for the win.

Winner by pin: Antonio Cesaro

Cesaro waves the US flag in the ring.

- Miz shakes his head in disgust in the back runs into Primo & Epico with Rosa and they call him Ric Flair's new sidekick and use his 'Really?!' gimmick. They says Flair was great but Miz only has catchphrases. Miz mixes up their names and leaves up to Rosa to decide which one faces him tonight. He wonders what Rosa even does and walks off as she cusses him out in Spanish.

- We return to a shot of The Alamo in San Antonio.

- Natalya accompanies The Great Khali to the ring where Tensai is already waiting. We see footage of Hornswoggle getting injured by Big E last week and he is not here this week.

The Great Khali vs. Tensai

They lock up and Khali hits chops to the chest in the corners. Tensai goes crazy with shots and headbutts in the corner. He charges in but Khali gets up a big boot and hits a big chop for the win. What was to point of that?

Winner by pin: The Great Khali

Khali and Natalya dance in the ring.

- Kane and Daniel Bryan talk about Dr. Shelby in the locker room. Kane asks what is up with Cody's mustache and Daniel says some people just don't know when their facial hair looks ridiculous. Kane says, "Tell me about it." They argue with 'Yes' and 'No' as Daniel wants Kane to explain. Randy Orton comes into the shot and asks if they are going to act like a couple of second graders or are they going to deliver some pain to Rhodes Scholars and Barrett. Kane says 'both' and walks away. Bryan tells Orton they are working through their angers issues. He says Orton should know all about that. Bryan calls for a group hug after they win tonight. Orton says he's not much of a hugger.

- Randy Orton makes his full entrance as we see footage of The Shield attacking him on Wednesday. We see Barrett, Cody, and Sandow already at ringside as Orton poses on the ropes. Kane comes down followed by Bryan.

Team Hell No & Randy Orton vs. Team Rhodes Scholars & Wade Barrett

Orton starts with Cody and takes control with intensity. He tags Kane who gets 2 on Cody and tags Bryan. Bryan comes in off the top with a double axe-handle and hits No Kicks to Cody on his knees. Sandow tags in and goes out to avoid the No Lock as Josh Mathews goes to commercial.

Sandow stomps Kane in the ring as we return. Cody tags in for some double teaming. Barrett tags in and they keep Kane isolated. Kane fights out of the corner but Barrett catches him in a sidewalk slam for 2. Sandow tags in and runs ahead of Kane to take Bryan off the apron but Kane hits him with a back bodydrop and tags makes the hot tag to Orton. Orton unloads with clotheslines and a powerslam to Sandow. Cody comes in and gets a powerslam too. Sandow escapes to the floor as Orton hits an elbow to take Barrett off the apron also. Bryan hits a flying knee off the apron to Barrett. Cody hits the Cross Rhodes to Orton in the ring and runs out. Sandow makes the cover but Kane breaks it up. Kane and Cody go out; Orton hits the RKO to Sandow in the ring for the win.

Winners by pin: Randy Orton & Team Hell No

Bryan and Kane approach Orton in the ring and Bryan puts his arms out as the crowd chants 'hug.' Orton tells Bryan 'no' and volleys to Kane as Kane slowly raises his arms and Orton squirms in disappointment. Kane hugs Orton from the front as Bryan hugs them both from behind Orton. Orton just stands there frozen and tries to process it. Orton's music hits and he gets on the ropes and shrugs; he poses, we go to break.

- We see to a clip from the Rock Concert from RAW. The Rock sings Eric Clapton to Vickie Guerrero. They played the full clip from that all the way to the pull-apart brawl with Punk which is smart.

- Josh plugs their match at the Royal Rumble and tonight's main event.

- The Miz makes his entrance as we go to a break.

The Miz vs. Primo

Primo hits an early shoulderblock and does the Ric Flair strut. Miz comes back with a knee lift but Primo regains control off the ropes with a knee to the guts. Primo pounds Miz on the mat as Rosa and Epico look-on at ringside. Miz reverses a headlock and begins pounding Primo but gets taken back down with a clothesline; Primo gets 2. Primo snaps a suplex and floats over for the 2. Primo goes back to a headlock. Miz fights up and they trade shots. Miz builds momentum and hits a big kick to Primo's head. Miz goes up top and flies off with a double axe-handle. Epico gets on the apron allowing Primo to clips Miz' knee from behind and teases the Figure-4. Miz kicks him off into Epico who goes flying off the apron. Miz puts the Figure-4 on Primo and he taps.

Winner by submission: Miz

- Alicia Fox and Layla congratulate Kaitlyn in the back for her title win. Layla takes the belt and says she forgot how heavy it was. Kaitlyn goes to take her belt back but Layla is mesmerized with it. She snaps out of it and gives it back. Booker and Teddy show up and congratulate her. Teddy says he's glad Kaitlyn made Eve quit. Kaitlyn is out next.

- Aksana stretches in the ring as we return to action. Kaitlyn makes her entrance as we see footage of her Divas Title victory from RAW and Eve's subsequent quitting.

Kaitlyn vs. Aksana

Aksana grabs for the title before the bell rings. She puts her hand out but pushes Kaitlyn instead. Kaitlyn takes her down and hits a suplex for 2. Aksana pushes her to the floor and gets a 1 count in the ring. Aksana keeps the pressure on with an armbar. They scrap on the mat and Aksana takes Kaitlyn back down with a clothesline and unloads in the corner with shots. Kaitlyn explodes out of the corner with a spear for the win.

Winner by pin: Kaitlyn

- A montage is shown of Mick Foley's career for the Hall of Fame. Josh says we hear from The Shield next.

- Footage is shown of the Shield getting beat down by Orton, Ryback, and Sheamus on RAW.

- We go to a hand-held promo from an undisclosed location. Dean Ambrose picks up the camera and they take turns saying 'Attention' to the WWE Universe, Sheamus, Orton, and Ryback. They say they crashed Foley's Hall of Fame announcement on behalf of all the broken bodies and dreams he left in the wake of his hall of fame career. They say everyone is accountable. They say Ryback will never get back what they took from him. Ambrose tells Orton there are 206 bones in the human body and they broke one, but they are just getting started. They say all of us will believe in The Shield. They lay the camera back down and walk away.

- Randy Orton reacts in the locker room in front of a monitor with a smug look on his face as Sheamus joins him. Sheamus says The Shield acts tough but they are hiding. He says sorry to Orton for not helping him on Wednesday and Orton says he doesn't need help. Orton says that at the Royal Rumble he needs the win and he'll get it and walks away.

- The Big Show's music sounds in the arena and Lilian Garcia introduces him to the ring. We see footage of Del Rio's title win from last week. Show glares at the Titantron as we go to commercial.

- Ziggler has made his entrance along with AJ and Big E Langston. Sheamus pounds his chest on his way down and slaps hands with the fans. Ricardo Rodriguez announces Del Rio.

Sheamus & Alberto Del Rio vs. The Big Show & Dolph Ziggler

Del Rio starts off with Ziggler and they jockey for position. Del Rio hits and scoop slam and tries a moonsault but Ziggler moves and Del Rio rolls through. Del Rio drags Ziggler to Sheamus and he tags himself in. Sheamus runs over Ziggler with a shoulderblock and hits a delayed vertical suplex for 2. Ziggler wiggles his way off Sheamus' shoulders and tags Show. Big Show starts to dominate Sheamus and headbutts him out of the ring. Big E tries to send Sheamus into the steel post but Sheamus reverses and the ref throws Big E out from ringside as AJ bangs the briefcase on the apron. AJ enters the ring and gets in the ref's face and gets thrown out as well.

Ziggler is in control of Del Rio in the ring as we come back to action. Del Rio counters with a German Suplex and tags Sheamus who comes in with fire. Sheamus goes up top but Big Show tosses him to the floor with one hand. Sheamus crawls his way back in the ring and Ziggler captures him again and tags Show for more slow punishment. Sheamus hits clubbing blows to Show's chest to escape from a submission. Show won't let up and hits a splash off the 2nd buckle but Sheamus kicks out. Show goes for another but Sheamus rolls out of the way and leaps in for the tag to Del Rio. Del Rio unloads on a fresh Ziggler. Del Rio calls for the Cross Armbreaker and locks it in but Show breaks it up with a leg drops. Sheamus comes back in and drops Show in the Irish Curse. Del Rio hits an Enzuigiri to Show on the apron to send him to the floor and throws a pail of water on him.

Show is livid and frozen with anger but chooses to walk up the ramp. The ref counts him out.

Winners by count out: Sheamus & Alberto Del Rio

Sheamus and Del Rio celebrate in the ring as green, red, and white balloons fall from the ceiling.

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