Thanks to reader WWENateAguilar for sending in these results from last night's SmackDown live event in Stockton, CA:

1. The Usos defeated The Prime Time Players after one of the Usos hit the Superfly splash on Darren Young. Uso's got a big pop.

2. Justin Gabriel defeated Curt Hawkins with a spinning heel kick. Gabriel got a great reaction, while Hawkins' crowd reaction was sort of small.

3. Layla defeated Aksana with the springboard crossbody in the corner. Aksana got some pretty good heat after going to high five a little kid but then leaving him hanging. Layla went and gave the kid a hug and kiss, though. (lucky SOB)

4. Kofi Kingston defeated Heath Slater (w/ Jinder Mahal) with Trouble in Paradise. Kofi got a great pop while 3MB had some great heat. Drew Mcintyre was absent for some reason. After the match, Jinder got in the ring to cut a promo but Kofi gave him Trouble in Paradise as well.

5. Randy Orton, Kane & Daniel Bryan defeated The Shield after the Shield used a chair and got themselves disqualified. Shield cleared the ring and were about to deliver the triple powerbomb to Bryan from the top rope but Kane & Orton made the save & Kane delivered a chokeslam to Dean while Orton delivered an RKO to Rollins & Reigns. Best match of the night. Orton got a huge pop (duh) and so did Kane & Bryan. The Shield did there usual entrance from the crowd (they went right by us)


6. The Great Khali w/ Hornswoggle defeated David Otunga with that stupid chop to the head. The match was cut short, I believe, because Otunga got a nasty gash over his eye during the match.

7. In a non-title match, Sheamus defeated Wade Barrett with the Brogue Kick after ducking the Bullhammer Elbow. Sheamus git a great pop. He went and high fived the fans after the match and signed some autographs, and also gave his wristbands to some kids.

8. In the main event, it was "Fans Choice" where we could choose whether Alberto Del Rio would face Sheamus in a NO DQ match or 2 Out of 3 Falls (because these polls are obviously real). No DQ "won" with 84%. Alberto Del Rio defeated Big Show by kicking him off the top rope & through the table to also retain his WHC.

Overall the night was cool. Orton was really nice and did the same go around as Sheamus after his match. Layla was probably the nicest one though and 3MB were hilarious.

Biggest Pops: Orton, Sheamus & Layla
Biggest Heat: Big Show, Wade Barrett & Aksana

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