WWE Main Event Recap (With Video): Ryback Vs. Cesaro, Rhodes Scholars Vs. Usos

- Cole informs Miz that Cesaro can do the same this Sunday in their match. Miz says he knows these things and he will beat Cesaro on the Pre-Show this Sunday at the Royal Rumble.

- We return to a shot of the arena as Cole sends to video of The Rock's promo and Shield-beatdown from Monday's RAW.

- Footage of Alberto Del Rio's World Title win from two weeks ago is shown. They show Big Show knocking Zack Ryder out on RAW but the 'WHAT' stuff is cut out.

- Matt Striker is backstage with Big Show. Show says he doesn't have to justify his actions as he bullies Striker. He says the locker room reeks of weakness. He puts his massive fist up to Striker's small cranium and says that nothing will stop him from regaining his title at The Rumble.

- The Uso's make their full entrance to the ring. They get almost no reaction as we go to break.

- RAW Roulette is LIVE from Las Vegas this Monday.

- The Uso's do call-and-response with the crowd as Main Event returns; they are interrupted by Damien Sandow and Cody Rhodes, "SILENCE!" says Sandow. Cody says nobody knows what an 'Uoos' is anyway. He says The Uso's are a stepping stone to their title hunt which will end this Sunday. Sandow and Cody want to bring prestige back to the tag-team division and purge it of unwashed teams with limited potential like the Uso's.

The Uso's vs. Rhodes Scholars

Cody starts with Jimmy and Cole knows that for a change. Jimmy takes Cody down and works the left arm in the corner. Jimmy plays with his mustache and Cody goes nuts and goes out for a breather. Cody gets back in and the crowd gets to him as Jimmy puts his own hair across his lip like a mustache. Cody tags Sandow who comes in to 'boos.' Jimmy takes control and tags in his brother. Jey takes over with chops in the corner and Sandow goes out to regroup with Rhodes. Sandow decides to tag Rhodes and he scraps with Jey. Cody lands on his feet off a suplex but Jimmy tags in behind Cody's back and they double team him.

Jimmy gets a near-fall in the ring of Sandow as we return from a break. Sandow tags out but Jimmy stays in control. Sandow comes back in and gets double-teamed. Miz says he plans on winning the Royal Rumble. Rhodes Scholars take control and make quick tags as they work Jey over. They continue to keep Jey cut-off from his brother.

Cody charges in and Jey sidesteps which sends Cody flying to the floor from his own momentum. Sandow throws him back in and tags himself in. Jey leaps and makes the hot-tag to Jimmy who quickens the pace. Jimmy hits a Samoan Drop to Sandow and tags his brother for the tandem finish but Cody pulls him out from the floor. Sandow makes Jey lose his balance up top and makes the cover for the win.

Winners by pin: Rhodes Scholars

Sandow and Rhodes stand tall in opposite corners as we go off the air.

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