Backstage News On Alberto Del Rio's Title Win, The Miz Talks Rock Vs. Punk, JR

Backstage News On Alberto Del Rio's Title Win, The Miz Talks Rock Vs. Punk, JR

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

- Jim Ross is having a tough time battling the flu. He revealed on Twitter that he had to make a trip to the hospital for chest x-rays last night:

"The flu is a bear. Trip to hospital last nite for chest x-ray. Back to Dr's ofc this am for results & to eliminate pneumonia as possibility."

- It's no secret within WWE that Alberto Del Rio's World Heavyweight Title push is tied into Cain Velasquez winning the UFC Heavyweight Title and doing a shockingly big number on pay-per-view. Del Rio's title win happened about a week after WWE became aware that the UFC show with Latin Superstar Velasquez winning did a lot better than expected going in.

- WWE's website has an article up with predictions from Booker T, Kofi Kingston and The Miz regarding Sunday's The Rock vs. CM Punk match at Royal Rumble. The Miz said that he's rooting for The Rock and wants to face him at WrestleMania. He said:

"At WrestleMania, when I win the Royal Rumble Match, I'll be going up against The Rock, the person that made me want to become a WWE Superstar."

You can read the full article here.

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