Re-Post: TNA Impact Results With Tons Of Video

- Bobby Roode and Austin Aries try to decide which one of them will face Hernandez. Roode lays out reasons for it to be Aries. Aries agrees with his points but counters with Roode's attributes. Roode argues that Aries beat him and so it should be him. Aries admits that was a fluke and Roode is really pleased he admitted that. Aries says for Roode to take care of Hernandez and he'll clean up the mess. Roode protests as we go to a commercial.

- A video package for Jeff Hardy is shown. Hardy cuts a promo on Daniels in the back as he walks with both title belts on his shoulders. He says he will expose Daniels tonight.

- Bobby Roode is introduced to the ring followed by Hernandez with Chavo Guerrero. Taz returns to commentary and notes how bad commentary was when he was gone. He says it was a very important call.

Bobby Roode vs. Hernandez

Tenay tells Taz he was called a coward by Bully and he changes the subject and wants to just call the match. Hernandez takes control and hits a delayed vertical suplex on Roode. Roode takes over and makes the cover but Hernandez kicks out with force. Roode continues to keep Hernandez under control and gets several near-falls. Hernandez hits a shoulderblock off the apron and starts a flurry on Roode. Hernandez hits a backbreaker and knocks Roode out of the ring.

Austin Aries comes down and Roode argues with him. Chavo starts to brawl with Aries. Roode hits a bulldog in the ring on Hernandez for the win.

Winner by pin: Bobby Roode

Roode and Aries argue like Kane and Daniel Bryan on the way up the ramp.

- Kurt Angle walks toward the Impact Zone as we go to break.

- A video runs of Angle getting taken out by Aces & 8's a few weeks ago. Taz' commentary from that night is included and is ironic now.

- Kurt Angle makes his entrance to the ring and says he thought Aces & 8's was going to be temporary but it is obviously that is not the case. He turns toward Taz and says he doesn't even know what revenge is. Angle calls out Mr. Anderson. Anderson makes the Aces & 8's entrance complete with leather garb and beanie. He gets in Angle's face and says he doesn't want to fight Angle next week. He cheapshots Angle and says he wants to do it now. Angle explodes out of the corner and Anderson escapes. Angle says he won't be able to escape next week because they will be in a steel cage. Taz says he can't do that.

- Daniels & Kazarian get ready in the back as we then see Hardy walking.

- Back from a commercial as Anderson enters the clubhouse all pissed-off. He tells the "hookers" to shut up. Devon tries to calm him down and tells him to enjoy what they have here as a girl joins his lap.

- We go to the ring as Kazarian and Daniels come to the ring. Jeff Hardy is out next as he slaps hands with the fans. JB does the formal ring introductions.

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