Re-Post: TNA Impact Results With Tons Of Video

TNA World Championship: Jeff Hardy (c) vs. Daniels

A large 'Hardy' chant breaks out as the bell rings and here we go. They lock up and Daniels backs Hardy in the corner and they make a clean break. Hardy hits a head-scissors but Daniels ducks the dropkick in the corner. Daniels tosses Hardy to the floor as we take a commercial break.

We see that during the break Kaz worked Hardy over on the floor. Taz praises his actions with enthusiasm. Daniels mounts Hardy with strikes in the ring and stomps him. Daniels gets 2 and goes back to keeping Hardy on the mat. Daniels gets in the ref's face and they argue. Taz says sometimes you have to keep the ref in-line. Hardy mounts a comeback and hits a splash off the 2nd buckle for 2. Daniels turns it back around with a submission but Hardy's foot hits the ropes and the ref breaks the hold. Hardy hits a front suplex off the top to Daniels but the rope makes the save for Daniels this time. Daniels misses with the moonsault out of the corner but Hardy also misses and Daniels calls for the end.

Hardy counters a double underhook with a head-scissors takedown and the Twist of Fate. Hardy also takes care of Kaz at ringside. Hardy hits the Swanton for the win.

Winner by pin And Still TNA World Champion: Jeff Hardy

Taz leaves commentary and grabs a mic. He says he wants to do his job as a good announcer and have a word with the champ. He has Hardy's attention as a large masked man appears in the ring and hits Hardy from behind in the knee with a hammer. Taz says he was going to tell Hardy to watch his back. The refs check on Hardy as we go off the air.

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