WWE SmackDown Results - Rock & Punk Face-Off, Punk Calls Out The Shield, Final Rumble Hype

- The Prime Time Players dance in the ring and Antonio Cesaro has joined commentary. The Miz comes to the ring.

The Miz vs. Darren Young

Young gets an early near-fall as Titus O'Neil cheers him on from ringside. Miz fights back with right hands in the corner and hits his signature clothesline. Miz comes off the top with a double axe and applies the Figure-4. Young taps.

Winner by submission: The Miz

Cesaro waves the American flag from ringside and locks eyes with Miz.

- We see footage of the Rock and CM Punk from earlier.

- The numerical Royal Rumble promo runs with various stats.

- We go to the ring for the introductions for our main event. Ricardo comes out and introduces Alberto Del Rio as we go to a break.

- Daniel Bryan & Kane makes their entrance followed by Team Rhodes Scholars and The Big Show.

6-Man Tag-Team Elimination: Team Hell No & Alberto Del Rio vs. Team Rhodes Scholars & The Big Show

Cody starts off with Del Rio and they trade offense. Del Rio hits a beautiful head-scissors takedown from the top. Sandow and Bryan come in for battle. Bryan hits No Kicks in the corner. Bryan tags Kane who hits a dropkick to Sandow's face but Cody distracts him from ringside. Kane regains offense with a chokeslam and eliminates Sandow. Big Show gets a DDT from Kane but kicks out. Kane goes up top and drops Show with a clothesline an another one over the top. Show counters Kane on the floor with what appears to be the KO Punch and knocks him down. Kane is counted out and eliminated as we go to commercial.

Cody Rhodes gets a near-pin on Daniel Bryan as we return to action. They collide in the middle of the ring and Cody reaches Big Show for the tag. Bryan takes Show's legs out from under him and goes up top but Show swats his chest in mid-air. Show hits the KO to Bryan and he falls to the floor and is eliminated. Del Rio is the last from his team and hesitates but enters the ring with fire. Show chokeslams him out of the ring and helps the ref count. Del Rio makes it back in by nine and Show knocks him back out and goes out to bring him back in.

Del Rio kicks Show out of the ring and he is counted out. Cody tries to capitalize and rolls up Del Rio but he kicks out. Del Rio connects with a kick to the face and gets 2. Del Rio hits the running Enzuigiri in the corner for the win.

Winner by pin: Alberto Del Rio

Big Show spears Del Rio from behind and pulls him to the announce booth and knocks him out with the KO. Show turns the announce table over onto Del Rio and starts counting to ten and announces himself as the new world champion. The crowd chants that Big Show sucks as he counts to ten in Spanish.

Officials check on Del Rio as we go off the air.

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