** SPOILERS ** TNA Impact Wrestling Tapings For 2/14/13

** SPOILERS ** TNA Impact Wrestling Tapings For 2/14/13
TNA taped the February 14th episode of Impact Wrestling today in the UK. Thanks to WrestlingINC.com reader Paul Davis for sending in these spoilers:

- Seats spare throughout the arena, not a sell out.

- Jeremy Borash introduces Christy Hemme to the audience and continues to mention Manchester taping results and the crowd heats up to the mention of Manchester. He also mentions the debut of the three British Boot Camp winners to be tonight.

- Dixie Carter is introduced and talks of the 2014 tour in the UK and puts over the UK fans as some of the best in the world.


Kenny King Vs. Zema Ion - Steel Cage Match

Kenny King comes out to a respectable - babyface - reception having followed Zima's entrance to a sea of heat. They utilized the cage pretty well making a number of attempts to escape and for leverage on the ropes to perform high risk moves. Kenny King eventually exits the cage by quickly springing to the corner and climbing out of the cage to the floor.

Winner: Kenny King

- Jeremy Borash hypes the crowd up with the mention of a 'special quest' to kick off the first iMPACT taping.


- Hulk Hogan starts the show off to a standing ovation and also puts over the UK fans. Does his usual hand-to-ear gesture to the crowd and takes an obvious liking to the fans directly opposite of the hard camera. Hogan quickly announces a number one contendership tournament to consider an opponent to face Jeff Hardy at Lockdown and announces the following four matches: RVD vs. James Storm, Christopher Daniels vs. Magnus, Kurt Angle vs. Samoa Joe and Austin Aries vs. Bobby Roode. The crowd pop to the announcement of Angle vs Joe and the mention of home country talent, Magnus. Sting then makes an appearance to an equally impressive ovation to Hogans and proceeds to also put the UK fans over and announce his Lethal Lockdown team-mates against Aces and 8's to be three outstanding performers of the #1 contenders match.

Magnus vs Christopher Daniels

Daniels, who is in good favor with the UK fans, comes out with Kazarian who both make numerous attempts to divert the refs attention to cheap shot Magnus. Magnus, looking bigger than ever, comes out to a big home country reception after his break out promo still fresh in the memory of the fans from just a year before in the same building. Daniels had the upper hand for the first few minutes of the match with the help of Kazarian but it soon turned when Kazarian was ejected from ringside by the referee allowing Magnus to take control of the match with some high impact maneuvers that ultimately leads to the top rope elbow drop from Magnus for the win.

Winner: Magnus

Austin Aries vs. Bobby Roode

Both have separate entrances and the crowd is split about 60/40 in favor of Austin Aries. They both get on the mic to complain about already being screwed as Tag-Team Champions after just a week of holding them by being put in against each other. The match starts and it is worked as brilliant constructed comedy match by having both attempting the 'finger poke of doom' and not laying down for each other. Aries jumps on the mic and says he'll lay down for Roode and does so but Aries, the two count, roles up Roode who kicks out. From here own they go back and forth until the ref takes a bump and Roode brings in a steal chair and attempts and Eddie Guerrero style fake chair shot, however, Aries does the same thing and the crowd is eating it up as great comedy. Hernandez and Chavo Guerrero make and entrance, who get some heat for interrupting, and cause a double count out DQ.

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