CM Punk Talks Royal Rumble, The Rock, His Title Reign, UFC, Chael Sonnen & More

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"I think a lot of guys like that, I think John Cena is one of them. I haven't wrestled The Rock. But, I've been in the ring with him and we've done the promo thing and I like what we've done so far. You know, you read on Twitter and some fans think I 'won,' some fans think he 'won.'

"That's great, that's what people are talking about. But, the fact that I don't think it's a landslide either way kind of makes people question what really is going to happen on Sunday. Hopefully, they tune in and watch it."

On why he thinks MMA fans enjoy him but not the rest of the wrestling business: "I don't know, this is news to me. I still get it all the time. There's still the staunch MMA -- you can't even call them purists. Half of them started watching when UFC debuted on FOX. But they're know-it-alls and you can't like pro wrestling because it's fake. They'll never see the parallels between my business and MMA.

"They'll never realize that pro wrestling started just like MMA. It was the toughest guys and one of them got smart and said, 'Hey, instead of really beating the crap out of me, I'm just going to let you win. I'm going to get more money than you. That guy was probably like, OK, that's cool. You know? What's more valuable to you? The money or the prestige of being the 'toughest guy.'

"But, I don't know if it's OK to be a fan of me if you like MMA. There's still always going to be those people that -- what I do is I'm a fake ass wrestling. I don't know. But, for those that do like me, why it's OK? I have no idea."

On whether or not Chael Sonnen and Jon Jones being friendly could hurt the UFC's bottom line: "It might be. I mean, I think that fights that are more interesting than most, there's an issue. 'I hate this guy.' I think there might be a little bit of a disconnect with the larger audience if they see guys palling around -- unless they're best friend. 'No, we're in the same camp and the same weight division. I don't want to fight.' OK, now I want to see that fight.

"I want to see Cain Valesquez and Cormier. I want to see the best guys fight the best guys. I don't care whos friends; you're a fighter, it's your job, it is a business. Fight. But, it opens up all kinds of different scenarios with people dropping weight and going to different weight classes so they don't have to fight somebody.

"I think that the general public, the general population, they like it better when it's more of a GSP vs. Nick Diaz thing. 'Oh, those two hate each other.' The buzz about me and Rock is that we can't stand each other and I hate him because he's a part time wrestler and he's coming back.

"That's great. Whatever generates more business and more dollars in your pocket, that's a good thing. That's always what Chael has understood."

On what currently excites him in regards to MMA: "I mean, I'm looking forward to GSP-Nick Diaz. ... Can [Diaz] hang with him? Sure. Can he beat him? I don't know. I definitely think he can hang. I always think that GSP's problem is: when's the last time he's finished a guy? [Matt Serra in UFC 83] was a long time ago.I'm a Carlos Condit fan, that's why I'm looking forward to that pay-per-view, too."

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