Detailed Royal Rumble Fan Fest Report (w/ Videos): Sheamus & Kofi In Action, Ryback, NXT Tourney

Detailed Royal Rumble Fan Fest Report (w/ Videos): Sheamus & Kofi In Action, Ryback, NXT Tourney
Thanks to reader Rainet Lewis for sending in this report for yesterday's Royal Rumble Fan Fest (videos courtesy of Angelwwefan25):

The Royal Rumble Fan Fest was supposed to start at noon, however there was an hour delay. I did get there about ten minutes after 12 and it was raining and cold outside. The fans were not happy about the delay, and neither was I. When the doors finally opened, we had the first match from NXT. Since it was raining outside, they moved the ring inside the US Airways Center while the food and drink stands and trucks were outside of the arena.

Up first was Corey Graves vs. Adrian Neville in a qualifying match of the NXT tournament, with the winner earning a spot in the 30-Man Royal Rumble match. This was a good and a tough match, with Neville picking up the win.

Justin Roberts introduces Kofi Kingston, who came out and did the "Boom, Boom, Boom." He hi-fived the fans and talked about how he was going to win the Royal Rumble. At the end, he asked the fans to do the "Boom, Boom, Boom," and they did.

Justin asked everyone if they wanted another match, and everyone said "Yes."

Xavier Woods vs. Leo Kruger was next, with Kruger picking up the win.

Justin Roberts then talked about the future stars of tomorrow, referring to NXT. He told the fans to cheer for the NXT stars and most people did. It wasn't a lot of cheering, but loud enough for Justin to hear it.

Justin introduced everyone to Zack Ryder, who said he was going to win the Royal Rumble. He told the fans about his first music video, Hoeski. He did an acappella version of his song. Zack said he did not have his singing voice, and it was funny since he really did not have his singing voice. The fans did see and listen to the song and sang along with Zack. He said his "Woo Woo Woo You Know It" catchphrase, and left.

There was another NXT match with Bo Dallas vs. Luke Harper, with Bo Dallas getting the win.

Justin Roberts came out and asked the fans, "Do you want to see a WWE Diva?" Everyone said, "Yeah," which I figured they would. Justin introduced Layla. She comes around and hi-fiving and talking to the fans and asking them trivia questions. She took pictures with the fans and gave kisses to the kids.

Justin introduced another NXT qualifying Match it was between Conor O' Brian vs. Scott Dawson. It was a hard and physical match, and at the end O' Brian won the match by submission.

Justin Roberts was telling everyone he was hungry, and asked the audience if they were they hungry. Everyone said "Yes" and they knew what was going to happen next. The crowd started to chant "Feed Me More!" Justin introduced Ryback and the fans went crazy. He didn't talk about winning the Royal Rumble, instead he told the fans, "Thank You." He also appreciated about what the fans have done for him and for WWE. Ryback started chanting, "Feed Me More." The fans also joined him, chanting, "Feed Me More!"

After that, Justin introduced everyone to The Miz. He was doing Miz TV and noted that there was no furniture or the TV. He's OK with that because he said he was the must see superstar in WWE. The fans agreed with him, and then The Miz invited his guest, the WWE United State Champion Antonio Cesaro. Antonio was nice at the beginning, and then he started to be rude and made some sarcastic remarks about the fans and America. The Miz was telling Antonio that he was going to end his reign as the United States Champion. The Miz was saying "I'm The Miz…," until Antonio tried to hit him with the title belt. The Miz ducked and hit Antonio with the microphone. The Miz was able to finish his catchphrase, "I'm The Miz and I'm Awesome." The Miz posed in the ring for the fans to take photos of him. He did hi-five the fans when he left the ring too.

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