- ESPN Sportscenter listed tonight's WWE Royal Rumble pay-per-view as a big sporting event to watch this weekend, and hyped it as "The Rock's return."

- Here are the results of our Royal Rumble polls this week (percentages are rounded):

Who will leave tonight with the World Heavyweight Championship:
* Dolph Ziggler (37%)
* Alberto Del Rio (36%)
* Don't Care (23%)
* The Big Show (4%)

Who will leave tonight with the WWE Championship:
* The Rock (54%)
* CM Punk (46%)

Who will win the Royal Rumble (as of this writing):
* John Cena (36%)
* Other (21%)
* Ryback (15%)
* Randy Orton (13%)
* Dolph Ziggler (11%)
* Sheamus (5%)

- HollywoodLife.com has an article about the WrestleMania Reading Challenge program here. Students will be able join the WrestleMania Reading Challenge starting February 4th at wwereadingsuperstar.com.

- AZFamily.com did a story about Brodus Clay, Cody Rhodes, Hornswoggle and Alicia Fox attending the Wrestlemania Reading Challenge last week. It contains quotes from Brodus and Alicia Fox, you can watch it below:

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