Another Detailed Report From Yesterday's Rumble Fan Fest: Chaos, Triple H Appears, Billy Gunn, More

* NXT Match - Bray Wyatt vs Jake Carter - Winner Wyatt by pinfall, who had cut a pretty substantial promo to start the match
* NXT Divas Tag Team Match - Paige/Sasha Banks vs Emma/Summer Rae - Winner Paige/Banks by pinfall and I think Paige scored the pinfall on Summer Rae
* Team Rhodes Scholars came out and cut a promo, which was funny because the crowd booed them big time. Sandow had some kind of feather pen that he said he was going to sign autographs with but since the people of Phoenix were too ignorant, no autographs.
* Alberto Del Rio came out for his promo with Ricardo. They basically said they were going to beat Big Show.
* The announcer then came back and said there would be one last match.
* Final Fan Fest Match -Sheamus vs Heath Slater. 3MB tried to interfere but all of them got the "chest slams" from Sheamus while the crowd counted to 10. Slater then got White Noise followed by the Brouge Kick, which got the remaining crowd to go nuts!

All in all it was a good time and I'm glad it wasn't just canceled, which it could have been given the weather. It was definitely worth $10 though, to see all those matches and superstars even though it was standing room only. My only criticism is that they definitely should have known well in advance that the weather was going to be an issue and had their back up plan already thought out. They did give $5 off any purchase from the WWE t-shirt trailer with your ticket stub.

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