Hulk Hogan Talks Nixed Feud With Jake Roberts, British Boot Camp, Winning WWE Title & More

Source: Sky News Radio

"These guys do more moves in one match than I would do in a whole year. The business has changed, everything moves faster. The matches move faster, the story lines move faster. So, in this instance, Rockstar Spud's size works for him."

On much much Rockstar Spud's life is going to change: "Well, that's not completely in my control. It's not completely in Dixie's control. Basically, I would say 90% of it lands in his lap. If he steps up and he woes the crowd, if he steps up and has 6 star matches, if he steps up and really makes this work, he's going to be someone we can't live without. He's going to be someone that as you watch the demos, you'll see the demo that SpikeTV in the United States and Challenge has cater to him.

"You'll see the minute-by-minute when he's on the show spikes in the numbers. So, it's pretty much up to him to control his destiny at this point. We gave him the opportunity, now it's up to him to take advantage of it."

On whether or not there will be more Boot Camps: "We had this discussion yesterday behind closed doors and there was a suggestion to move to other countries. I think the overall consensus among Dixie and everybody involved -- Jeremy Borash, Eric Bischoff -- everybody feels there's a wealth of talent here. We're U.K.-friendly. There's no reason to go anywhere else.

"I mean, the pool of talent that we tapped before, I'd like to go back again and give to those same individuals and give a lot of those people another chance. There is a wealth of talent here, this is like a goldmine for talent.

"So, I vote to come back here year after year. I'd like to do the show a couple of times a year. The nature of this business is a revolving door, the nature of this business is to renew the talent and keep it here. So, I vote for keeping it in the U.K."

On whether or not Hogan will be getting into the ring on some of the U.K. tour stops: "Well, I've learned in this business to never say never. As time goes by, I live vicariously through the younger talent. I was telling my wife Jennifer the other day that I'm in the U.K. and I can't believe that I'm not ego-talking and I'm not the main event. I can't believe I'm not wrestling Kurt Angle or I can't believe I'm not wrestling Jeff Hardy.

"But, that was just the young heart talking. Then, I took a good look in the mirror and I realized that the old man couldn't do it. I mean, I never say never. If there was a situation where my daughter Brooke might get in a bad spot or something goes awry, you never know. I could roll in there, pick up a steel chair or throw a punch or something. So, you can never say never."

On how wrestling changed when he won the WWE championship from The Iron Sheik over 29 years ago: "It was more than just my career, it was the turning point of the wrestling business to switch gears and fast-forward into the entertainment direction.

"It started with the world title on the line at Madison Square Garden: Hulk Hogan vs. The Iron Sheik. It was the pefect storm. Iron Sheik had just beaten the mainstay, Bob Backlund, who had been champion for five years. America was at conflict with Iran/Iraq as far as the political situation between the countries. Hulk Hogan was viewed as the American hero and all the elements lead to the very, very perfect confrontation between good vs. evil.

"But, what came out of that was a different performance level. It wasn't just a wrestling match with good vs. bad with good prevailing. it was the birth of entertainment in this business. As I looked to the crowd, the look and the reaction from the crowd got just as much as acknowledgment as the move in the ring.

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